Romeo and Juliet Webquest

William Shakespeare was born in what year William Shakespeare was born in 1564
What date do we recognize as his birthday April 23
What was important about Stratford-upon-Avon in the 16th century An important agriculture center and market town.
Find the acting companies Shakespeare was associated with in the early days. Name one Lord Chamberlain’s Men
What is the probable year that Romeo and Juliet was written 1595
Where did the timbers to build the Globe come from There were from a different, earlier theatre, called The Theatre.
Who was the carpenter who built the Globe Peter Smith
What was Shakespeare’s share as “householder 10% of all total profits
What day and year did Shakespeare die, Why is this an interesting date, How old was Shakespeare when he died April 23, 1616 age 52, this is an interesting day because it is his birthday.
What does betrothal mean A betrothal is when to people join hands and have a ring on your right hand until the wedding when it changed to the left and than you sign it with your signature and a kiss.
Name three marriage and betrothal customs found on this page — You can only withdraw from a betrothal if they are found guilty of heresy, infidelity, enmity, wickedness or drunkenness disfigured, if married, long separation occurred— lucky to be married before noon — father of the braid usually pays for wedding
What color should the bride’s dress be Any color
How is the intention to marry announced, What happens if it is not announced previous to the event The marriage should be announced to the church 3 times and if it isn’t thant its a secret and considered illegal.
Describe the wedding procession. The guest go to the go in procession from the house or houses to the church and at the procession there is lots of music, laughter, and bawdy jokes.
What is a dowry The amount of money, goods, and property the bride brings to the marriage
Explain how important is a wedding ring to the Elizabethans Many portraits show no ring at all, on men or women, most of time they don’t ware them because they can’t afford them.
How many meals do people generally eat each day 2 meals a day
Why would people in Shakespeare’s day not know what a chocolate chip cookie is They only used chocolate for medical reasons.
Choose at least two vegetables, two meats, and two fruits or nuts Fruits/Nuts: Apples Hazelnuts Meats: Pork BoerVegetables: Eggplant Spinach
A famous line from Romeo and Juliet is when Juliet says, “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo” What does “wherefore” mean Why
What does “stay” mean to wait
Hello. (A sneezes) Excuse me.Gesundheit!Thank youSay do you know where the closest bathroom is?Certainly. It’s down the street in the Kings Tavern. Thanks, Goodbye God save you, sweet mistressGod Save You!I thank theeSay, does thou knoweth where the nearest Ajax is?Certes! Its’s down the street in the Kings Tavern My thanks, Good day.
How many women actors did the company usually feature 0
Was Shakespeare an actor? What was the term used to refer to actors? Actors were called “Players” and yes Shakespeare was an actor
How were the seating arrangements for the audience How did one get a good seat? Those who came first could sit were ever, so come early if you want a good seat.
What would the audience do if they did not like a performance They would throw small objects or even oranges at the actors when not preforming well.