Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Word List

alderman a member of the municipal legislative body
appertaining belonging to as a proper function or part
arbitrating negotiating differences through an impartial third party
augmenting making something already developed greater
beguiled deceived by guile
benefice a church office endowed with fixed capital assets
beseech request earnestly
boisterous rough and stormy; noisy and excited
chide express disapproval
consort a companion or partner
culled gathered; collected
dirge funeral hymn or lament
discourse narrate or discuss
enmity deep seated, often mutual hatred
envious jealous
esteem regard with respect
heretic person who holds opinions contrary to the beliefs of others in a group
impeach challenge the validity of something
impute to attribute; to credit
inundation covering with water; a swamping
invocation incantation used in conjuring
lamentable causing grief
languish be or become weak or feeble
loathed disliked
mantle cloak; coat
obscured indistinctly heard; partially hidden from the senses
orisons prayers
penury destitution
pernicious evil; wicked
portentous foreboding
posterity future generations
poultice a soft, moist mass of bread, meal or clay
predominant most common or conspicuous
presage an omen
profaners those showing irreverence for what is sacred
prorogue discontinue a session
purged freed from impurities
rancor bitterness
solace comfort in sorrow
tedious moving or progressing very slowly
transgression violation of a law
validity good health; how sound something is

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