Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Test

inundate (v.) to cover with water, to flood, to overflow
inundate sentece Every considerable rise of its waters would inundate vast areas of fertile and cultivated land.
inundation (n.) an overflow, a flood
inundation sentence The lowlands are protected against inundation by dikes.
pensive (adj.) deeply thoughtful, meditative, relective
pensive sentence She would often slip into her pensive state thinking only about the dreams that couldn’t come true.
resolute (adj.) characterized be a decided purpose, staunch, steadfast, determined
resolute sentence The look of his eyes was resolute, calm, and animatedly alert, as never before.
resolution (n.) a formal expression of opinion or intention
resolution sentence The resolution in his face was unmistakable.
treahery (n.) violation of faith; betrayal of trust, treason, disloyalty
treachery sentence But soon afterwards the king, suspecting treachery, resolved to get rid of his enemies once and for all.
treacherous (adj.) faithless, disloyal, treasonous
treacherous sentence It was described as a treacherous path.
supple (adj.) easily bent, elastic, pliable, resilent
stark (adj.) harsh, rim or desolate, extremely simple or severe, dreary
stark sentence It was followed by the stark reality that he had nothing.
prostation (n.) a stretching out due to lacking vitality and being completely overcome
prostrate (adj.) completely overcome, falling down in submission.
lament (v.) to mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manner, to be moan, to be wail
lament sentence The young man laments the fact that he earns too little to pay his bills.
lamentable (adj.) mournful or sorrow
melancholy (adj.) depression of spirits, soberly thoughtful, pensive, despondent
lamentable sentence He published a little collection of lamentable sonnets when his great master died.
dirge (n.) funeral hymn, lament, a slow mournful musical composition.
dirge sentence The sailors, desirous of hearing so famous a musician, consented, and the poet, standing on the deck of the ship, in full minstrel’s attire, sang a dirge accompanied by his lyre.
melancholy sentence He had many melancholy reflections of his old school days.