Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

pernicious causing great injury or ruin
augmenting increasing; enlarging
grievance injustice; complaint
transgression wrongdoing; sin
heretics those who hold to a belief opposed to the established teachings of a church
cunning cleverness; slyness
procure get
predominant having dominating influence over others
intercession the act of pleading on behalf of another
sallow of a sickly, pale-yellowish complexion
waverer one who changes or is unsteady
lamentable distressing; sad
unwieldy awkward; clumsy
gallant brave and noble
fray noisy fight
martial military
exile banish
eloquence speech that is vivid, forceful, graceful, and persuasive
fickle changeable
pensive thinking deeply or seriously
vial small bottle containing medicine or other liquids
enjoined ordered
wayward headstrong; willful
dismal causing gloom or misery
loathsome disgusting
pilgrimage long journey, often for religious purposes
remnants remaining persons or things
penury extreme poverty
haughty arrogant
sepulcher tomb
ambiguities statements or events whose meaning are unclear
scourge whip or other instrument for inflicting punishment