Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

Naught nothingno word partsword forms: naught (n) naught (adj.)Her hopes and dreams became naught
Portentous ominous; warning of something bad to comeword parts: root- portent (a sign or token) suffix- ous (full of)Word forms: portent (n) portend (v) portentous (adj.) portentous (adv.)The gray skies were a portent of a bad winter
fray a brawl; a noisy fight or disputeno word partsword forms: fray (n)A huge fray took place during recess
chastity the quality or state of being pure and virginalword parts: suffix- its (state of, quality)word forms: chastity (n)We live in a world of chastity
forswear to renounce; forsake; give up or abandonword parts: root- swear (to bind oneself by oath) prefix- for (away / off)word forms: forswear (n) forswear (v)The man decided to forswear his habit
disparage to speak about in a belittling manner; to put downword parts: prefix- dis (apart) root- par (comparable) suffix- age (action)word forms: disparagement (n) disparage (v) disparaging (adj.) disparagingly (adv.)Womens activists are very often disparaged
prodigious huge; extraordinary; awe-inspiringword parts:prefix- pro (in favor of)suffix- ous (quality of)Word forms:prodigiousness (n)prodigious (adj.)prodigiously (adv.)He had many prodigious diving feats
ribald marked by rude sexual or vulgar humorno word partsword forms:ribald (n)ribald (adj.)His mastery of ribald jokes make him very popular
consort to associate with; to be in accord withword parts:root- sort (to share)prefix- con (with)word forms:consorter (n)consort (v)consortable (adj.)The two men were consortable with one another
wherefore why (for what reason)no word partsword forms:wherefore (adv.)The boy wanted to know the whys and wherefores of life
fain happily; gladlyno word partsword forms:fain (adj.)fain (adv.)Jeff did not fain walk across the street
beseech to request earnestly; entreatword parts:prefix- be (on all sides)word forms:beseecher (n)beseech (v)beseeching (adj.)beseechingly (adv.)The boy asked his mother for ice-cream in a beseeching tone
rancor bitter; long-lasting resentmentno word partsword forms: rancor (noun)unrancored (adj.)But his concealed rage and rancor grew more deadly everyday
Bawdy Marked by rude or vulgar languageNoun: bawdinessAdjective: bawdyAdverb: bawdily My mother cringed at my brother’s bawdy story
Forbear To refrain fromPrefix: forSuffix: bearVerb: forbearAdjective: forbearing Adverb: forbearingly He forbore to say her name
Amorous Showing or expressing lovePrefix: amorSuffix: ous Noun: amorousness Adjective: amorousAdverb: amorouslyThe man was acting amorously and couldn’t think straight
Beguile To mislead, deceive, charm or divert Prefix: beSuffix: ile Noun: beguilement Verb: beguileAdverb: beguilingly Don’t be beguiled by her innocent look
Apothecary A druggist Root: apo Prefix: dhe Go to the apothecary now!
Penury Extreme povertyNoun: penuryMen experienced penury during the Middle Ages
Inexorable Unyielding, not giving in to pleadingRoot: orPrefix: in/exSuffix: ableNoun: inexorablyAdjective: inexorableAdverb: inexorablyOur tent was inexorable against the wind
Paramour A lover in an affairPrefix: paraNoun: paramourRomeo and Juliet are both paramours in a forbidden love affair
Inauspicious Unfavorable, showing signs of failing resultRoot: auspicPrefix: inSuffix: ousNoun: inauspiciousness Adjective: inauspicious Adverb: inauspiciously The boy had inauspicious grades
Sepulcher A burial vaultPrefix: seSuffix: er Noun: sepulcherVerb: sepulcherThe king was buried in a secret sepulcher under his palace
Dire Having or warning of terrible consequence, disastrous Prefix: diNoun: direnessAdjective: direAdverb: direlyHis life is more dire than ever
Scourge a whip; punishmentnoun: scourgeverb: scourgemany years ago, men often scourged their children

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