Romeo and Juliet – Vocabulary

Disparagement (noun) Definition: a communication that belittles somebody or somethingSynonym: disrespectExample: There was disparagement between the women marrying the Prince of England.
Enmity (noun) Definition: deep-seated hostilitySynonyms: hostile, hateExample: I feel enmity for the opposing team in my video games.
Heretics (noun) Definition: those who hold a belief that oppose to the established teachings of a churchSynonyms: outcast, pariahExample: My Catholic mother is worried about me being a heretic because I became interested in practicing Judaism.
Prodigious (adjective) Definition: so great in size, force, or extentSynonyms: enormous, exceptionalExample: The young boy has a prodigious talent in playing the piano.
Loathe (verb) Definition: to hateSynonym: dislikeExample: I loathe to see the sight of having raw vegetables on my plate.
Chide (verb) Definition: to scoldSynonyms: reprimand, rebukeExample: My classmate kept doing the same mistake, so I chided him humorously.
Feign (verb) Definition: to pretendSynonym: make believeExample: I feigned being sick and injured so that I didn’t have to go to school.
Lament (verb) Definition: to express sorrow; to grieveSynonym: regretExample: I lamented the death of my dear wife.
Abhor (verb) Definition: find repugnantSynonym: loathe, detestExample: My teacher abhored the student that never does his classwork.
Thwart (verb) Definition: prevent (someone) from accomplishing somethingSynonyms: foil, frustrateExample: Batman was able to thwart the Joker’s evil plan to test out a chemical on the citizens.
Inauspicious (adjective) Definition: unfavorable, suggesting bad luck for the futureSynonyms: unfortunate, unluckyExample: The magician could not summon a rabbit out of his hat, which was an inauspicious act.
Peruse (verb) Definition: to examine carefully with detailSynonym: examineExample: I perused the reading for my English class by annotating and asking questions about the details.
Haughty (adjective) Definition: arrogantly superior and disdainfulSynonyms: imperious, pridefulExample: The popular kid at school was very haughty, showing off his wealth and insulting the other students.
Fickle (adjective) Definition: liable to change very rapidlySynonyms: inconsistent, erraticExample: My mind was fickle when I applied to Bergen Tech, questioning whether to go there or not.
Pensive (adjective) Definition: deeply thoughtfulSynonym: reflectiveExample: After reading the emotional novel for the class, I shared my pensive opinions to the class.
Prudent (adjective) Definition: acting with or showing care and thought for the futureSynonyms: careful, cautiousExample: When I got sent it the principal’s office, it was prudent of me to just listen to the principal rather than talk back to him.
Beguiled (adjective) Definition: charm or enchant (someone), sometimes in a deceptive waySynonym: delightedExample: The movie was beguiled, having lots suspense and action to make me go there.
Rancor (noun) Definition: bitter resentment or ill-willSynonym: hostilityExample: The man was summoned to court for crime charges and he answered his accusers calmly ans without rancor.
Sallow (adjective) Definition: unhealthy lookingSynonym: sicklyExample: The next morning, I looked sallow with a high fever.
Choler (noun) Definition: angerSynonym: frustrateExample: After the citizens disobeyed the king, I had to console the king’s choler.
Transgression (noun) Definition: a violation of a law, command, or dutySynonym: evil-doingExample: By being mean to others, you are committing a transgression to the Golden Rule.
Oppression (noun) Defintion: prolonged cruel or unjust treatmentSynonym: persecutionExample: During the first century, the Jews faced oppression by the Romans until the Jews were motivated to revolt.
Augment (verb) Definition: enlarge or increaseSynonym: growExample: I want my house to be larger, so I have to augment my house.
Pernicious (adjective) Definition: having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle waySynonym: subtleExample: The effects of breathing gas for prolonged periods can have pernicious effects in the future.
Reconcile (verb) Definition: correct inconsistenciesSynonyms: make-up, settleExample: After having an argument with my friend, we reconciled and became friends again.

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