Romeo and Juliet vocabulary

adversary n. An opponent or enemy
alderman n. A member of the city government
anguish n. Great mental or physical suffering
assailing adj., Attacking violently
boisterous adj. Stormy or violent
convert v. To change into another form or thing
counsel n. 1. Advice. 2. Legal representation in court. 3. Ideas; opinions. 4. Private, unexpressed thoughts
disposition n. 1. A settlement. 2. A person’s temperament. 3. Inclination
endure v. 1. To last. 2. To tolerate
esteem n. High rank, renown
forfeit n. Something that someone must give up as punishment for breaking the law
fray n. A fight
intrusion n. An uninvited or illegal entry
languish v. 1. To become weak. 2. To long or pine for something. n. Weakness
nuptial n. A wedding
oppression n. Something that weighs heavily on the mind, body, or senses
pernicious adj. Destructive, deadly
portentous adj. Threatening
rapier n. A long, slender, two-edged sword
transgression n. 1. The breaking of a law. 2. The act of going beyond certain limits
trespass v. 1. To enter another’s propertyor land without permission. 2. To intrude upon another’s privacy or time
valiant adj. Brave
waddled v. To walk with short steps that cause the body to sway from side to side