Romeo and Juliet Vocab Synonyms and Antonyms

augment synonyms gain, increase
augment antonyms downgrade, decrease
boisterous synonyms rambunctious, obnoxious
boisterous antonyms quiet, timid
valiant synonyms brave, bold
valiant antonyms cowardly, powerless
pernicious synonyms toxic, poisonous
pernicious antonyms beneficial, helpful
portentous synonyms fore boding, dire
portentous antonyms unknowing, oblivious
nuptial synonyms union, engagement
nuptial antonyms divorce, separation
apparel synonyms wardrobe, outfit
apparel antonyms nudity, nakedness
purge synonyms cleanse, bless
purge antonyms taint, infect
virtuous synonyms holy, honorable
virtuous antonyms dishonorable, evil
forfeit synonyms quit, concede
forfeit antonyms proceed, continue
grievance synonyms problem, issue
grievance antonyms solution, answer
fray synonyms peril, chaos
fray antonyms peace, calm
adversary synonyms foe, rival
adversary antonyms friend, allie
cunning synonyms duplicity, guile
cunning antonyms stupidity, idiocy
procure synonyms obtain, acquire
procure antonyms handoff, lose
vile synonyms irrelevant, useless / evil, dishonorable
vile antonyms useful, priceless / virtuous, altruistic
predominant synonyms superior, authoritative
predominant antonyms submissive, inferior
sallow synonyms ghastly, wan
sallow antonyms iridescent, colorful
waverer synonyms paranoia, vacillator
waverer antonyms stability, steadiness
lamentable synonyms depressing, unhappy
lamentable antonyms joyful, happy
unwieldy synonyms goofy, klutzy / clunky, bulky
unwieldy antonyms graceful, elegant / compact, manageable
gallant synonyms valiant, courageous
gallant antonyms scared, cowardly
martial synonyms armed, trained
martial antonyms unprepared, unarmed
exile synonyms expel, eject
exile antonyms invite, welcome
eloquence synonyms grandiloquence, mellifluousness
eloquence antonyms harangue, tirade
fickle synonyms malleable, static
fickle antonyms unchangeable, subborn
pensive synonyms reflective, contemplative
pensive antonyms distracted, negligent
vial synonyms capsule, flask
vial antonyms net, strainer
enjoined synonyms force, encourage
enjoined antonyms discourage, forbid
wayward synonyms determined, stubborn
wayward antonyms compliant, obedient
dismal synonyms bleak, depressing
dismal antonyms joyful, iridescent
loathsome synonyms gross, repulsive
loathsome antonyms pleasing, delightful
pilgrimage synonyms crusade, migration
pilgrimage antonyms resident, settlement
remnants synonyms leftovers, fragment
remnants antonyms entirety, full
penury synonyms destitution, brokenness
penury antonyms richness, wealth
haughty synonyms cocky, snobby
haughty antonyms humble, modest
sepulcher synonyms casket, grave
sepulcher antonyms delivery room, nursery
ambiguities synonyms vagueness, obscurity
ambiguities antonyms explicitness, clarity
scourge synonyms belt, paddle / curse, plague
scourge antonyms medicine, bandage / rescuer, savior

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