Romeo and Juliet Vocab Set #2

Entreat Definition: To ask in a begging wayPart of Speech: VerbSentence: I entreated my English teacher to give me an extension on my essay.Synonym: English
Epilogue Definition: Final address to the audiencePart of Speech: NounSentence: The epilogue to Wonder on Heaven blew my mind.Synonym: Afterword
Prologue Definition: Opening speech before action beginsPart of Speech: NounSentence: Prologues are helpful to get myself familarized with the background of a book.Synonym: Preamble
Prodigious Definition: Monstrous, ominousPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: The threat of a terrible president is prodigious.Synonym: Massive
Propagate Definition: To promote or increase somethingPart of Speech: VerbSentence: I like to propagate Gunn High School because I am very proud to go to school there.Synonym:
Assail Definition: To attackPart of Speech: VerbSentence: My assailant ran across the room and tried to punch me, but I casually sidestepped him.Synonym: Assault
Archaic Definition: OldPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: I was looking around my grandparent’s basement when I saw an archaic vase with doves carved into it. Synonym: Ancient
Boycott Definition: To object to somethingPart of Speech: VerbSentence: I boycotted school after they decided to create a mandatory sewing class.Synonym: Reject
Bland Definition: Dull; no taste or personalityPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: Whenever my brother cooks, it ends up overcooked and bland.Synonym: Dreary
Devious Definition: Departing from the proper or accepted wayPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: The devious woman ignored what her parents told her she should do and became a doctor.Synonym: Revolutionary
Behold Definition: To observe, look at, seePart of Speech: VerbSentence: I traversed over mountains, through meadows and over massive lakes so I could behold the ocean on the other side.Synonym: Contemplate
Covert Definition: SecretPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: I was confused and worried when I caught my mom covertly sneaking out of the house at 3 am.Synonym: Clandestine
Convoluted Definition: ConfusingPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: My heart sank as I realized how long it would take to disentangle my convoluted love life. Synonym: Elaborate
Detestable Definition: Hateful; abominablePart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: The police have, in recent times, been absolutely detestable in their actions towards minorities.Synonym: Abhorrent
Dismal Definition: SorrowfulPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: Syria is in a dismal state after the seemingly endless bombing that takes place.Synonym: Unwelcoming
Garish Definition: Bright or showyPart of Speech: AdjectiveSentence: My garish new suit will surely attract many women.Synonym: Gaudy
Perchance Definition: PerhapsPart of Speech: AdverbSentence: Could you perchance raise my grade to an A?Synonym:
Purge Definition: To purifyPart of Speech: VerbSentence: I purged my soul of all bad thoughts that had ever passed through me.Synonym: Cleanse
Solace Definition: To take delight in somethingPart of Speech: VerbSentence: After a long day of hard work, I was solaced by a cold protein shake.Synonym: Comfort
Vengeance Definition: Retaliation; revengePart of Speech: NounSentence: After my pencil was heartlessly stolen, I went out on a rampage through my math class, seeking retaliation.Synonym: Retribution

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