Romeo and Juliet Vocab: Lesson 2

lineament n. an outline, feature, or contour of a body or figure and especially of a face —usually used in plural
prolixity n. the use of an excess of words
visage n. the face, countenance, or appearance of a person or sometimes an animal
wanton n. one given to self-indulgent flirtation or trifling; a lewd or lascivious person
benefice n. an ecclesiastical office to which the revenue from an endowment is attached
quench v. to put out the light or fire of
antic adj. characterized by clownish extravagance or absurdity; whimsical
portly adj. dignified, stately; stout
disparagement n. depreciation by indirect means (as invidious comparison): speaking slightingly about
semblance n. outward and often specious appearance or show: form
scathe v. to do harm to; specifically: scorch, sear; to assail with withering denunciation
convert v. to alter the physical or chemical nature or properties of especially in manufacturing
profane v., adj. to treat (something sacred) with abuse, irreverence, or contempt; desecrated
trespass n. a violation of moral or social ethics: transgression; especially: sin
prodigious adj. exciting amazement or wonder; extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree

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