Romeo and Juliet Vocab Definitions

Anon In a short time; soon
Discourse Speaks
Semblance Appearance
Hoodwinked Blindfolded, tricked
Perilous Severe; dangerous
Peppered Seasoned; covered, as with pepper
Commend To present, mention, or praise as worthy of notice, kindness, etc.; recommend
Civil Of the commonwealth or state
Envious Full of, or feeling envy; malicious (intending harm)
Shrift The giving of forgiveness by a priest, after confession
Discord A conflict or disagreement
Kinsman A blood relative, especially a male; a relative by marriage
Soft An exclamation meaning “Wait”
Bark Boat
Vial A small bottle for liquids
Inconstant Not constant; changeable; fickle; variable
Conceit True understanding
Fester To develop pus; rot
Lamentable Distressing
Woe Grievous distress, affliction or trouble
Beguile To deceive, trick
Hither To or toward this place
Prodigious Monstrous, unnatural
Loathsome Disgusting
Banished To be exiled
Fray Fight
Scourge Punishment
Contract Betrothal
Borrowed Temporary
Haste Urgent need of quick action; hurry; rush

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