Romeo and Juliet Vocab (BONUS : Sentence Types AND Structures)

Languish To long or pine for
Nuptial Wedding
Pernicious Deadly
Rapier Long, slender sword
Valiant Brave
Augment To increase or intensify
Chaste Virtuous, pure, virginial
Purge Cleanse, forgive, absolve
Conjure Bring to mind
Idolatry Worship
Invocation Prayer
Perjury False testimony
Procure Obtain
Variable Changeable
Wanton Reckless
Banishment Exile
Calamity Disaster
Commend Praise
Dexterity Skill
Prevail Triumph
Reconcile Settle
Vile Wicked
Abate To reduce; make less
Beguile To decieve or trick
Bier Structure for coffin
Dirge Funeral hymn
Fester To develop pus, rot
Prostrate Kneel or fall flat
Abhor Hate, detest, loathe
Amorous Loving
Inter Bury
Paramour Lover
Sepulcher Tomb
Tedious Boring
Simple Sentence Kyle, Keith, and Doug, my best friend from middle school, went to the playhouse and watched Shakespear’s “Hamlet”
Coordinating Conjunctions for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so (FANBOYS). Join two or more clauses in a compound sentence
Compound Sentence Doug did his math homework but he got some wrong, yet he didn’t mind.
Subordinating Conjunctions after, although, as, because, before, even though, ifsince, though, unless, until, when, whenever, whereaswherever, while. Used to join two or more clauses in a Complex Sentence.
Complex Sentence Unless you want trouble, you should stop.
compound-complex sentence has an INDEPENDENT CLAUSE and at least TWO DEPENDENT CLAUSES, one of which is joined by a COORDINATING CONJUNCTION, and one with a SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTION.
Compound – Complex Sentence I went home because it was getting late, but I had to wait on the porch until mom got home anyway.
Declarative Sentence Dolphins can recognize their reflections
Exclamatory Sentence The robber is escaping!
Imperative Sentence Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
Interrogative Sentence Why didn’t I take notes?
Because the soup was too cold, I warmed it in the microwave. Compound – Complex Sentence
Katniss can survive in the forest, and she is a capable archer Compound Sentence

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