romeo and juliet vocab.

humor mood.
to mark to listen, observe, or take notice of.
shrift confession; the forgiveness given by a priest for sins confessed.
Soft! Quiet! Hush! Slow up! Stop!
withal with that; with.
Anon! At once! Soon! Coming!
Good-den an archaic word meaning “good evening.”
How long is the actual play as said in the chorus? Two hours
discourses utters or speaks.
counsel private thoughts; secret plan.
Proof armored or protected against; able to resist.
Discovered past participle of to discover, which means “to reveal.”
Bounty capacity for giving generously.
baleful evil; threatening harm; poisonous.
Grace favor; good will; approval.
bauble a showy but worth’ess thing; trinket; cheap jewel.
Stay! Wait! Pause! Delay!
confounds destroys. defeats, or causes to fail.
doublet a kind of jacket.
dissemblers liars
strange unfamiliar.
civil well-behaved; courteous.
fain gladly; eagerly; willingly.
fond foolish
to sack to rob or plunder a captured city of everything of value.
entertained past participle of to entertain, which means “to consider; to allow oneself to think about; to have in mind.”
spleen anger; malice; spite.
estate situation; condition.
god shield God forbid.
drift intentions.
cunning skillful.
closet private quarters.
orisons prayers
rosemary a fragrant herb.
lower a frowning or threatening look
fond nature foolish human nature.
to carry to endure.
cry you mercy beg your pardon
to presage to predict, give warn- ing of, or foretell.
to beseech to beg
penury poverty.
loathsome repulsive; disgusting.
obsequies funeral rites or ceremonies.
ensign a flag or banner.
maw the mouth
morsel a small piece
ground a cause
pallet a small bed or mattress placed directly on the floor.
soliloquy one character speaking on stage with no other actors present
monologue long speech similar to a soliloquy but other actors are onstage and can hear it
dialogue two or more characters conversing on stage
antagonist individual, circumstance, or situation out to thwart, stop, or impede the actions of the protagonist
protagonist the main character, not always hero, with whom the audiencecan best relate to or identify with
foil a character (usually minor, although not always) who through-:ยป interaction with other characters (usually major) helps define them
dramatic irony when the audience in a play has been provided more knowledge and insight than the characters
mood atmosphere of a play determined by words and descriptions
tone attitude of the author toward his/her subject
foreshadowing clues or hints of impending events
tragic hero defined as a man of high renown who through some character– flaw brings himself downNOTE: Romeo and Juliet are brought down by the stars, fate
verisimilitude appearance or similarity of reality or truth
dramatic question question or feeling of uncertainty a reader feelsearly in the play and sometimes posed in the form of a question, “Will Romeo and Juliet be together forever?”A play may have more than one .dramatic question.
what is the structure for shakespearean plays? Act 1 is the expositionAct 2 is the rising actionAct 3 is the crisisAct 4 is the falling actionAct 5 is the climax/resolution
To which city does Romeo go after being exiled from Verona?(A) Padua(B) Rome(C) Venice(D) Mantua (D) Mantua
Why is Romeo exiled?(A) For killing Tybalt(B) For marrying Juliet against her father’s will(C) For killing Mercutio(D) For publicly admitting his atheism (A) For killing Tybalt
Who performs Romeo and Juliet’s marriage?(A) Friar John(B) Friar Lawrence(C) Father Vincentio(D) Mercutio (B) Friar Lawrence
Who is the fairy that Mercutio says visits Romeo in dreams?(A) Puck(B) Queen Mab(C) Beelzebub(D) Jack o’ the Clover (B) Queen Mab
What does the Nurse advise Juliet to do after Romeo is exiled?(A) Follow her husband to Mantua(B) Wait for Romeo in Verona(C) Act as if Romeo is dead and marry Paris(D) Commit suicide (C) Act as if Romeo is dead and marry Paris
Where do Romeo and Juliet meet?(A) At Capulet’s feast(B) At Friar Lawrence’s cell(C) At Montague’s feast(D) At the pier from which Malvolio is departing for Spain (A) At Capulet’s feast
Who kills Mercutio?(A) Benvolio(B) Sampson(C) Romeo(D) Tybalt (D) Tybalt
Which character first persuades Romeo to attend the feast?(A) Mercutio(B) Benvolio(C) Lady Montague(D) Juliet (B) Benvolio
What, at first, does Juliet claim that Romeo hears the morning after their wedding night?(A) The owl(B) The dove(C) The nightingale(D) The lark (C) The nightingale
To what does Romeo first compare Juliet during the balcony scene?(A) The moon(B) The stars(C) A summer’s day(D) The morning sun (D) The morning sun
Who discovers Juliet after she takes Friar Lawrence’s potion?(A) Lady Capulet(B) Capulet(C) Paris(D) The Nurse (D) The Nurse
Who proposes that a gold statue of Juliet be built in Verona?(A) Montague(B) Lady Capulet(C) Paris(D) Romeo (A) Montague
To which powerful figure is Paris related?(A) Capulet(B) Montague(C) Prince Escalus(D) King Vardamo (C) Prince Escalus
How and where does Romeo commit suicide?(A) With a dagger in the orchard(B) With a rope in the public square(C) With a sword in Juliet’s bedchamber(D) With poison in Juliet’s tomb (D) With poison in Juliet’s tomb
Who is the last person to see Juliet before she stabs herself dead?(A) Paris(B) Friar Lawrence(C) Tybalt(D) Romeo (B) Friar Lawrence
Why is Friar John unable to deliver Friar Lawrence’s message to Romeo in Mantua?(A) He is killed by a Capulet servant.(B) He is attacked by bandits on the road.(C) He is held inside a quarantined house, and is unable to leave.(D) Romeo is stopped in Padua and never makes it to Mantua. (C) He is held inside a quarantined house, and is unable to leave.
Why does the Apothecary agree to sell Romeo poison?(A) He is poor, and needs the money.(B) He can see that Romeo is passionate.(C) He is afraid that Romeo will hurt him if he refuses.(D) He is a friend of Friar Lawrence. (A) He is poor, and needs the money.
. On what day do Romeo and Juliet meet?(A) Saturday(B) Tuesday(C) Sunday(D) Wednesday (C) Sunday
With whom is Romeo madly in love for the first two scenes of the play?(A) Himself(B) Mercutio(C) Juliet(D) Rosaline (D) Rosaline
In what decade was Romeo and Juliet written?(A) 1570s(B) 1600s(C) 1610s(D) 1590s (D) 1590s
Whom does Mercutio curse as he lies dying after a duel?(A) The Montagues and Capulets(B) Romeo(C) Tybalt(D) Romeo and Tybalt (A) The Montagues and Capulets
. In what area is Friar Lawrence an expert?(A) Roman history(B) Languages(C) Plants and herbs(D) Swordfighting (C) Plants and herbs
Why does Tybalt first challenge Romeo to a duel?(A) He is offended that Romeo loves his cousin.(B) He is offended that Romeo shows up at the Capulet ball.(C) He is offended that Romeo bites his thumb at him.(D) Tybalt does not challenge Romeo to a duel; he challenges Mercutio. (B) He is offended that Romeo shows up at the Capulet ball.
25. In what year did Shakespeare die?(A) 1610(B) 1594(C) 1601(D) 1616 (D) 1616

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