Romeo and Juliet vocab

prologue (n) introduction; preface; an introductory chapter at the beginning of a book or play
Prologue synonoum Introduction
prologue antonym Epilogue
premonition (n) intuitive anticipation of a coming event
premonition synonym Foreboding
Premonition antonyms Truth knowledge
fray (n) A fight or a brawl
fray (n) synonym Quarrel
Fray antonyms Harmony
Augment (v) Improve, make greater
augment synonyms Develop
augment antonyms diminish
Portentous (adj) A warning; suggesting ok coming evil
portentous synonym Alarming
portentous antonyms Encouraging, auspicious
Pernicious (adj) Having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way
pernicious synonym Dangerous, devastating
pernicious antonym kind/benevolent
nuptial (adj) Related to marriage, wedding
Nuptial synonym Matrimonial
Nuptial antonym Divorce
disparaged (verb) Criticized, detract from
disparaged synonym Dismiss
Disparage Antonym Encourage
loathe (verb) to hate or dislike greatly
Loathe synonym Despise
loathe antonym Approve