Romeo and Juliet Vocab 2

Entreat Definition: To ask in a begging wayPart of Speech: VerbExample: My little brother entreated me to let him play with my new gaming console.Synonym: Beg
Epilogue Definition: Final address to the audiencePart of Speech: NounExample: The epilogue of the book made all the readers satisfied with the ending.Antonym: Prologue
Prologue Definition: Opening speech before action beginsPart of Speech: NounExample: Romeo and Juliet’s prologue is famous.Antonym: Epilogue
Prodigious Definition: Monstrous; ominousPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: The prodigious skyscraper loomed over the small trees in the city park.Synonym: Colossal
Propagate Definition: To promote or increase somethingPart of Speech: VerbExample: The commercial propagated the product wonderfullyAntonym: Hide
Assail Definition: To attackPart of Speech: VerbExample: Take by belligerence and choler, he assailed his nemesis.Synonym: Assault
Archaic Definition: OldPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: The archaic artifact was falling apart.Synonym: Ancient
Boycott Definition: To object to somethingPart of Speech: VerbExample: The girls boycotted for gender equality.Synonym: Protest
Bland Definition: Dull; no taste or personalityPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: The oatmeal cereal was nearly as bland as the person who made it.Antonym: Flavorful
Devious Definition: Departing from the proper or accepted wayPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: The devious actions he took made him an outcast in the small microcosm of school society.Antonym: Formal
Behold Definition: To observe, look at, seePart of Speech: VerbExample: She beheld the scenery with great joy.Synonym: View
Covert Definition: SecretPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: The covert plans she made were soon discovered.Antonym: Blatant
Convoluted Definition: ConfusingPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: The convoluted message was decoded when the writer himself explainedSynonym: Perplexing
Detestable Definition: Hateful; abominablePart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: His conceited and egotistic attitude made him rather detestableSynonym: Loathsome
Dismal Definition: SorrowfulPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: The dismal news put the listeners in a somber mood.Antonym: Happy
Garish Definition: GaudyPart of Speech: AdjectiveExample: Her garish make up made her look ugly rather than pretty.Antonym: Modest
Perchance Definition: PerhapsPart of Speech: AdverbExample: Perchance I could help with that.Synonym: Maybe
Purge Definition: To purifyPart of Speech: VerbExample: She purged her guilt by helping others.Synonym: Cleanse
Solace Definition: To take delight inPart of Speech: VerbExample: Whenever she felt down, she solaced talking with her friends.Antonym: Vex
Vengeance Definition: Retaliation; revengePart of Speech: NounExample: The desire for vengeance after he poured water over my head was strong. Synonym: Retribution