Romeo and Juliet Vocab

invocation an incanation used in conjuring
envious feeling, expressed or characterized by envy
discourse to narrarate or discuss
enmity deap-seated often mutual hatred
impute to attribute, credit
predominant most common or sucpisious
chide to express disaproval
rancor bitter
lamentable to express grief about
poultice a soft, moist mass of bread, meal, clay or other substance put on a wound
drudge a person who does tedious, menial or meaningless work
appertaining to belong as a proper function or part
consort companion or partner
mantle a cloak
tedious moving or progressing slowly
beguiled to decieve
validity well grounded
abhors to reject vehemently
beseech to request eanestly
indundation to cover with water
prorogue to discontinue a session
arbitrating to submit to settlement or judgment
orisons a prayer
culled to gather, collect
solace comfort in sorrow
dirges a funeral hymn or lament
presage an omen
penury destitution
impeach to challenge the validity of; try to discredit
languish to become weak or feable
heretics a person who holds controversial opinions
esteem regard with respect
obscured instinctly heard, faint
boisterious rough or stormy, violent
alderman church office endowed with fixed capital assets
benifice a church official endowed w/ fixed capital assets
purged to free from inpurities
loathed to dislike greatly
pernicious evil; wicked
portentous foreboding
transgression violation of law, command or duty
posterity those who have irreverence for what is sacred
aldermen members of the municipal legislative body
augmenting to make larger

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