Romeo and Juliet Vocab (1&2)

Solemnity Serious or solomn observance or ceremonial proceeding (noun)
Profane Unholy, defiled, impure (adj)
Rapier A sword (noun)
Trifling Small, unimportant (adj)
Saucy Bold, impudent, insolent (adj)
Enmity Hatred (noun)
Shrift Confession (noun)
Languish To become less intense, to wane or abate (verb)
Pernicious Having a bad effort, damaging or detrimental (adj)
Portentous Ominous, threatening evil (adj)
Prodigious Marvelous, miraculous, wondrous (adj)
Valiant Brave, courageous, bold (adj)
Assail To attack with violent blows, to assault verbally (verb)
Posterity Succeeding or future generations (noun)
Jest To joke, prank (verb)
Impetuous Capable of sudden action, emotion or violence, brash, impulsive (adj)
Judicious Possessing sound judgement, cautious, shrewd (adj)
Garnish Marred by excessive ornamentation (adj)
Chide To scold, rebuke, reprimand (verb)
Kindred Same kind (adj)
Idolatry Extreme devotion or worship of a person or thing (noun)
Invocation A prayer like a speech; also conjuring or calling up of spirits (noun)
Rancor Feelings of ill will, hatred, enmity, animosity (noun)
Repose Time when one can relax (noun)

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