romeo and juliet – unrequited love

writing frame the theme of________is shown when__________. This shows the them of________because_________________. This is significant because_______________.
evidence romeo and rosalineparis wanted to be laid with Juliet in the tombparis dancing with julietparis trying to kiss juliet
romeo and rosaline -romeo worshiped rosaline yet will never be with her-Benvolio takes Romeo to the Capulet party to get his mind off Rosaline, this is where he meets Juliet
paris wanted to be laid with juliet in the tomb -romeo kill paris , who believes that he is defending Juliets body-Romeo reaches Juliet too early and believes she is dead which leads him to kill himself
paris dancing with juliet -Capulet told Paris to ‘woo’ Juliet but he couldnt marry her yet-it gave Juliet time to marry Romeo
Paris trying to kiss juliet -Capulet allowed Paris to take Juliets hand in marriage-This lead them to try to run away as Juliet had already married Romeo