Romeo and Juliet True or False

True At the beginning of the play, servants of the two feuding families begin a brawl
False Benvolio tries to break up a street brawl and Tybalt tries to help him
False Romeo is depressed because he and Rosaline have “broken up”
True Benvolio tries to convince Romeo that he can easily forget Rosaline
True Juliet is unaware of Romeo’s presence when she first steps onto the balcony
False Friar Laurence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because Romeo gives him 40 ducats.
False Friar Laurence’s special area of knowledge is psychology
False Friar Laurence is very enthusiastic about marrying Romeo and Juliet when he sees how much in love they are
True Romeo at first refuses to fight with Tybalt even though Tybalt calls Romeo a villain
True Mercutio is slain because of Romeo’s attempts to stop a duel between Tybalt and Mercutio
True Romeo and Juliet are already married when Romeo kills Tybalt
False Just before his death, Tybalt says, “They have made worms meat out of me”
False Lady Capulet feels Romeo’s banishment is a fair punishment since Tybalt had first slain Mercutio
False Romeo is relieved when he hears that the Prince has only banished him
False Friar Laurence tells Paris that Juliet is already married to Romeo
False Juliet follows Friar Laurence’s plan, except that she refuses to ask forgiveness from her father
False Capulet’s change in wedding plans-moving it up a day–has no effect on the outcome of the play
False If the Friar’s plan does not work, Juliet plans to kill Paris on their wedding night
False Juliet drinks the Friar’s potion without any hesitation
False Friar John is not able to deliver Friar Laurence’s message to Romeo because of a terrible storm
False Acting was considered a very respectable profession in Shakespeare’s day
False In the theater during the Elizabethan Age, boys’ roles were often played by young girls