Romeo and Juliet Trivia Game

What was the name of Juliet’s cousin whom was killed by Romeo? Tybalt
What is the name of the Nurse’s servant? Peter
Is Mercutio from the Royals or the Montagues? the Royals
What is the name of the girl whom Romeo wasoriginally in love with? Rosaline
How old is Juliet? Thirteen (almost fourteen)
What is the setting of the story? Verona, Italy, in the 1490’s
Are Sampson and Gregory servants for the Capulets or the Montagues? the Capulets
What are the Montague colors? Blue and gray
What are the Capulet colors? Red and gold
Who is Benvolio? Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin and best friend
True or False: Romeo proposes to Juliet False; Juliet proposes to Romeo
Fill in the blank: “Parting is such ______” “sweet sorrow”
Who does Romeo ask to marry him and Juliet? Friar Laurence
Who is it that Lord and Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry? Count Paris
Fill in the blank: “O I am fortune’s _____” “fool”
Fill in the blank: “For I ne’er saw _____ _______ till this night.” “true beauty”
What would it be called if Juliet committed the crimeof marrying Count Paris while she is secretly married to Romeo? bigamy
Who is Balthasar? Romeo’s servant
What was considered the worst sin in Verona at the time? suicide
Obsequy- a funeral rite or ceremony
Charisma- personal appeal or attraction
Enmity- deep-seated hostility
Felicity- happiness or bliss
Fabricate- to make up a story in order to deceive
Bane- the cause of ruin, harm, distress, or death
Prevaricate- to lie
Fracas- a loud quarrel or fight
Embroil- to draw into conflict or fight
Lament- to mourn
Nemesis- a hated enemy
Lethal- deadly or fatal
Penchant- a strong liking
Oust- to drive out or expel
Plaintive- expressing sorrow; mournful
Notarize- to certify legally
Renown- state of being well known and honored
In the end, who tell the Prince everything? Friar Laurence
How does Juliet kill herself? she stabs herself
How does Romeo kill himself? he drinks poison
Who kills Count Paris? Romeo
Why does Friar John not give the message to Romeo from Friar Laurence? he fled in fear of the plague
What is an apothecary? a pharmacy
Wearing your family’s colors is called? livery
What is the town police called? the Watch
After Romeo is banished, why does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying so much? over the death of Tybalt
What is the bird of the daytime? the lark
What is the bird of the nighttime? the nightingale
After killing Tybalt, where does Romeo hide? at Friar Laurence’s
Where is Romeo banished to? Mantua
Why does Romeo kill Tybalt? Because Tybalt killed Mercutio
What kind of garden does Friar Laurence have? an herb garden
Who wants to kill Romeo at the Capulets’ party? Tybalt
Fill in the blank: “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore ___ ____ Romeo?” “art thou”
What does “chinks” mean? money or wealth
Where do Romeo and Juliet first kiss? at the Capulets’ party
What are the single people at Capulets’ party wearing? masks
Biting your _____ is considered an insult thumb
When you are a young, unmarried girl (a virgin) you are called a? maid
How do maids wear their hair? loose and down
How do married women wear their hair? up and covered
The nurse was first employed as a? “wet nurse”
Who does Lady Montague ask to find out why Romeo is depressed in the beginning of the story? Benvolio
What kind of party do the Capulets have? a masque
Where does Romeo find Juliet after the Capulet party? at her balcony
How does Romeo try to win over Juliet’s nurse? by treating her like a lady
What is the gist of the Friar’s plan? to end the family feud
What must Romeo do to make the marriage official? sleep with Juliet
Who has to tell Romeo that Julie has “died”? Balthasar
Progeny- offspring or children
Dynasty- a succession of rulers from the same family or group