Romeo and Juliet tragedy

What are the elements of a tragedy Tells the fall of a worthwhile usually noble character; Seious in tone and importance; Focuses on a hero whose potential is great but whose efforts to realize that potential are thwarted by fate-circumstances beyond his/her control; Plot is dominated by fate or destiny; contains events that are set in motion by a decision that is often an error in judgement; ends in catastrophe, usually death of the main character
Characteristics of a tragic hero Born into nobility; responsible for his/her own fate; endowed with a tragic flaw; doomed to make serious error in judgment; falls from great eights or heigh esteem; realizes he/she made irreversible mistake; faces and accepts death with honor; meets a tragic death; audience is affected by pity and/or fear
Tragic hero in Romeo and Juliet Romeo
What is Romeos tragic flaw impetuosity- falling in love too deeply and too quickly
Romeo is lead by his__ and not his __ heart; brain
What are some decisions Romeo made without thinking before he acted? Goes to the capulet party; It was unnecessary to step in between mercutio and Tybalt; He rashly kills paris; he decides to commit suiside
How did Romeos actions (impulsiveness) affect others -Mercutio, Tybalth, and Paris all die-Ladt Montague dies of grief-Bc of Romeo, Juliet kills herself
Define impetuous acting or done quickly and without thought or care; Impulsive

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