Romeo and Juliet tone words

Ambivalent Conflicting feelings or fluctuations between two things
Chiding Scolding
Disingenuous Lacking honesty or sincerity
Petulant Insolent or rude in speech or behavior
Circumspect Considering all sides, positions
Imperious Commanding
Poignant Deeply moving or touching; causing emotion
Obsequious Sucking up
Banal Common, obvious
Maudlin Overly weepy, sentimental
Reticent Reluctant or restrained; not inclined to speak freely
Garrulous Excessive talking in a rambling manner
Reproving To criticize or correct; to disapprove of
Incensed Inflamed with wrath or rage
Jocular Joking
Vehement Strongly emotional or passionate about
Pedantic Concerned with minute details in teaching/learning
Pastoral Having to do with scenery or life in the countryside
Precipitous Done quickly without thinking