Romeo and Juliet timed writing

chance Romeo and Juliet meeting at the party
chance the servant who could not read running into Romeo and inviting them to the party
chance tybalt coming across Mercutio
chance the servants of opposite households meeting and having a fight
chance romeo and Juliet falling in love
chance Tybalt hearing Romeo’s voice at the party
chance romeo falling in love with his sworn enemy
chance Juliet’s parents think she is crying about tybalt’s death
chance Friar Lawrence was the person who married Romeo and Juliet
definition of chance without apparent reason or cause
definition of fate the cause or will that determines events known as destiny
fate the friar foreshadowing his part in romeo and Juliet’s death when he is talking about flowers
fate romeo interferes with the fighting between Tybalt and Mercutio
fate Romeo falling in love with anyone who was pretty
fate rosaline didn’t love Romeo back
fate romeo fighting with tybalt
fate friar Lawrence would be the one to marry Paris and Juliet
definition of free will freedom to humans to make choices that are not determined by other causes or God
free will romeo and Juliet decide to get married
free will Juliet asking the Nurse to go get Romeo even though she knew it was dangerous
free will Friar Lawrence’s decision to marry Romeo and Juliet
free will Romeo fighting Tybalt
free will Mercutio fighting Tybalt
free will Juliet defending Romeo
free will Romeo and Juliet pursuing their relationship even though they knew it was dangerous
free will the nurse’s choice to help Juliet at first
free will romeo trying to stop Tybalt and Mercutio’s fight
free will romeo going to the party
free will Juliet’s parent tell Paris he can marry Juliet
free will the nurse betraying Juliet
free will the friar helping Romeo go to Mantua
free will Juliet said she would not marry Paris

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