ROMEO AND JULIET – The nurse quotes

the nurse onyl speaks of physical pleasure – no cpacity for true love ‘you shall burn the burden soon at night’ ‘go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days’ ‘no use of him’ (physical)
pet name for Juliet ‘what lamb! what ladybird!’
knows Juliet well ‘faith, I can tell her age unto an hour’
loves Juliet ‘prettiest babe I e’er nursed’
she acts as a messenger between Rome and Juliet ‘Nurse, tell me what says my love’ ‘the clock dtruck nine when I did send the nurse’
reaction to Juliet’s death ”Never was seen so black a day as this’
she withholds info from Juliet ‘he’s dead, he’s dead’ ‘Jesu what haste’
talkative ‘enough of this I pray’
stands up for Juliet ‘You are to blame my lord’