romeo and juliet test – mrs. pugh

Who speaks the Prologue? The Chorus
What is the purpose of the Prologue? To inform the audience of the gist or main idea of the play given in summary form
In what poetic form is this Prologue? It is in Shakespearean sonnet form, which includes the meter of iambic pentameter and the rhymescheme: ababcdcdefefgg
Copy down lines 5 and 6. Explain the importance of these two lines. These two lines share the climax of the story in which the two lovers take their own lives.
Why does Shakespeare tell us how the story is going to end? He wants to hook his reader and capture their attention from the beginning.
What themes are established in the Prologue? Death, violence, forbidden love, hatred
How does Shakespeare start the play so that he gains the attention of the “common people” in theaudience? He starts the play with a fight and inappropriate jokes!
Mark lines 59-60. Our first introduction to Benvolio comes when he says these words. What do theyreveal about his character? Benvolio is a peacemaker and well respected.
Mark lines 61-62. Our first impression of Tybalt occurs in these lines. What do we learn about hischaracter? Tybalt hates the Montagues and he loves to fight.
Copy lines 91-92. What is the tone of the Prince’s speech? In these lines he makes a new decree.What is it, and why is it important? He has a serious and angry tone. Whoever starts another fight will be put to death.
When we first see Romeo, he shows all the signs of a ___________. How does Romeo act? (Lines 156-190)? Romeo is depressed and miserableand sullen.
When describing his feelings to Benvolio, Romeo uses__________ in lines 171-176.Why might he speak in contradictions and paradoxes? oxymorons- pair of contradictory words (Ex.”cold fire”) Romeo is confused about love. He doesn’t know how to feel about it.
We then learn that Romeo is suffering from________. What suggestion does Benvolio make to Romeo to help him get over his unrequited love forRosaline? (lines 221-223)? unrequited love – he loves someone who does not love him back. Benvolio tells him to forget about Rosaline and find another girl becausethere are many beautiful women to choose from.
In this scene, Lord Capulet talks to Count Paris about marrying Juliet; what two reasons does he givefor NOT wanting Juliet to marry at this time (lines 8-14)? She’s too young. Also, Lord Capulet wantsJuliet to have a say in who she chooses as a husband.
Look at lines 16-19; on what condition will Capulet allow Juliet to marry? Capulet says that Paris mustwin Juliet’s heart before Capulet will approve the marriage.
What does this reveal about his love for Juliet (and this will be important/ironic later)? He is protective and cares about her feelings. He also trusts her judgement.
By chance (or fate?) Romeo learns that Rosaline, the girl he loves, will be at the Capulet party; why isBenvolio excited by this? What is his plan (lines 80-85)? Benvolio wants to show Romeo otherbeautiful women in Verona to show him that there are some more beautiful than Rosaline.
Why does Romeo agree to go to the party? He wants to be able to see Rosaline.
What theme(s) is/are being developed in this scene? Chance/fate; love
What is the nurse’s relationship with Juliet? Her personality? The Nurse is the closest person to Juliet.She has raised her and is Juliet’s best friend. The Nurse is a character who provides comic relief. Sheis talkative and crude.
In lines 61-62, what is the nurse’s wish for Juliet? Lady Capulet’s? The Nurse wants to see Juliet get married. Lady Capulet wants her to marry someone of nobility, and she feels that Juliet is old enough to get married and wants her to consider Paris.
When Lady Capulet asks Juliet about marriage, what is her answer? What does this reveal about her?How is her feeling about marriage/ romance different from Romeo? “It is an honor that I dream not of.” She is very respectful to her mother. Romeo is in love with the idea of being in love. Juliet is not ready to consider love.
Lady Capulet’s speech in lines 79-94 create a conceit, an extended metaphor; she compares him to abook that needs to be bound. Why does Lady Capulet believe Paris to be a good match for Juliet? Whatis her attitude about love and marriage? Lady Capulet’s speech in lines 79-94 create a conceit, an extended metaphor; she compares him to a book that needs to be bound. Why does Lady Capulet believe Paris to be a good match for Juliet? What is her attitude about love and marriage?
Lines 97-99 reveal a lot about Juliet and her knowledge of love; what do these lines reveal about Juliet? She says that she will try to like Paris and see if she falls for him. She is also very compliant,agreeable, and a rule follower.
Why is Romeo uneasy about going to the Capulet party (lines 106-11)? This is…. foreshadowing, a hint/clue to something that will be important later. He is worried that if he goes to the party, something will happen that will result in his death.`
How does this emphasize the Elizabethan feeling on astrology/superstition? They believed that the stars controlled their fate. If the stars were aligned correctly, things would go well. If not, (star-crossed lovers) their lives would be tragic or fatal. Their lives were based on fate.
What decision does Romeo make in lines 112-113? Why is this an important thematic decision? Hedecides to let the stars control his fate and allow things to happen as they should.
Romeo’s soliloquy reveals that he is immediately love struck by Juliet; paraphrase his speech (lines 42-51). To what does he compare her? Romeo compares Juliet to a bright light. When the song is over,he will touch her hand. He says that he has never seen anyone as beautiful as Juliet.
How is this speech different than his former speech on his love for Rosaline? What does this revealabout Romeo’s maturity concerning love? He doesn’t spend much time talking about Rosaline’sbeauty. He doesn’t compare her to anything but discusses the fact that she doesn’t want to getmarried. Once again, he is basing love on looks. He still has a long way to go with maturity.
Tybalt (Juliet’s hot-headed cousin) recognizes Romeo’s voice and wants to fight; what two reasonsdoes Capulet give to stop him (63-72)? Romeo is well-behaved and a gentleman. He is also thoughthighly of in Verona.
In lines 87-90, what is Tybalt’s threat (this will be important later)? Tybalt vows to get revenge onRomeo later for crashing the party.
Lines 91-105 form a sonnet, a 14 line poem similar to the prologue; paraphrase the speech. Romeotells Juliet that they should use lips like the hands of pilgrims who pray. When they kiss, he says thatJuliet has taken his sin with the kiss. He then asks to take the sin back.
Dramatic irony (when the audience knows something the characters do not) appears in line 133; whatis ironic about Juliet’s line? The marriage of Romeo and Juliet results in the death of both of them.
What do Mercutio and Benvolio think of Romeo’s love? They think that his love is foolish and not real and that he falls in and out of love quickly. Theybelieve that he loves girls only for their looks.
How is this dramatic irony? The audience/readers are aware that he has fallen in love with Juliet.However, Mercutio and Benvolio think he is still in love with Rosaline.
Why does Romeo compare Juliet to the sun? Before he met Juliet, Romeo was depressed. Juliet is the”light of his life.”
Why “kill the envious moon”? He alludes to the goddess Diana and says that she is jealous of Juliet’s beauty. He wants to marryJuliet.
Why compare Juliet’s eyes to the stars? The stars are bright and twinkle. They are heavenly. They determine their fate.
How is this speech foreshadowing? The speech refers to the stars (star-crossed lovers). He refers to her features as heavenly, and thiscould refer to her going to heaven/dying.
Lines 33-36—paraphrase these lines. Romeo, please change your name. However, if you swear that you love me, I’ll change my name.
In lines 38-49 Juliet reveals the way she feels about the families’ feud; what are her feelings? Juliet says that the feud is unnecessary; names are unimportant. They do not define a person. Shedoesn’t care about the fact that Romeo is a Montague.
When Juliet realizes that Romeo has overheard her, her attitude changes in lines 85-106; what is sheworried about? She is embarrassed because it looks as if she has fallen in love with him very quickly and easily. Hedid not have to do anything to win her over. She is afraid that he will not take her seriously becauseof this.
Why does Juliet object to Romeo swearing by the moon? What does this reveal about her? Juliet tells him not to swear by the moon because it is always changing. This shows her maturity atsuch a young age. She wants a relationship that is stable and steady.
In lines 116-119 Juliet reveals her fears; what are they? She fears that they haven’t thought through their plan to marry long enough and that the love willnot last because of it.
Paraphrase 142-148 If you really love me and want to marry me, send me a message tomorrow. I will send a messengerto you tomorrow, and you need to tell her (nurse) where and when the marriage will happen. I willdedicate myself to you and follow you anywhere.
What does Romeo tell Friar Laurence and what does he want from the Friar? He is in love with Juliet Capulet, his enemy’s daughter, and he wants Friar Lawrence to marry them.
What is the friar’s reaction to Romeo’s new “love” (65-80)? Friar Lawrence questions this new “love” since he had just been in “love” with Rosaline. He believesthat Romeo falls in love with girls because of their looks, and that isn’t true love.
Why does the friar agree to marry the two, even though he disagrees in principle? He believes that if he marries them, it might end the feud between the families.
What does the nurse warn Romeo of? She warns Romeo that he better not hurt Juliet and should be honorable and true in his love.
What is Romeo’s message (lines 160-166)? He tells the nurse to have Juliet go to confession that afternoon, and he also tells her that his servantwill give her a rope ladder so that he may climb in Juliet’s window that night.
Juliet gives a soliloquy in lines 1-17 to show that she is impatient. What images does she use in thesoliloquy? How is she similar to all teenage girls? She gives the image of the message getting to her as fast as sunbeams. She alludes to Cupid andCupid’s wings, along with the wings of doves. It takes the Nurse three hours to return, and Juliet isvery impatient. She comments on the Nurse’s age and how that is a negative thing, much liketeenagers feel.
Why/how does the nurse keep “putting her off” before actually answering Juliet’s questions? She complains about her back and that she is exhausted. She continues to change the subject inorder to tease/torture her.
Why would the nurse agree to help Juliet and Romeo and keep a secret from her masters? The Nurse only wants Juliet to be happy, and she longs to see her married. Juliet must make anexcuse to go to confession that afternoon so that she can marry Romeo.
Lady Capulet misunderstands Juliet’s sadness, and Juliet’s words are meant to show her emotion butprotect her secret; how does Juliet express herself and keep her secret (what are the double meaningsin her speech in lines 67-102)? She says that she would rather marry Romeo, her “enemy.” She alsotells her mother that she is upset about her loss (Romeo). She says that Romeo makes her heartgrieve, but not because he killed Tybalt, but because he is exiled. She also expresses that she won’tbe satisfied until she sees him – “dead”- is her heart.
What is Juliet’s response when she is told that she must marry Paris (116-123)? She refuses to marryhim and is confused as to why they are rushing this marriage.
What is her mother’s response (124, 139-140)? How have her feelings changed since earlier in theplay? She is extremely upset and tells Juliet that she must tell her father. She also says that shewishes Juliet were dead. Only two days before, Lady Capulet had asked Juliet to consider marriage.
Lines 190-194 are Lord Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s refusal; what does he say and how has he changedsince earlier in the play? He tells Juliet that he will disown her if she doesn’t marry Paris. Two daysearlier, he told Paris to wait until she was sixteen because she is too young. He also said that hewants her to be able to choose her husband. Lord Capulet is now demanding that she marry Paris.
What is the nurse’s advice to Juliet (212-225)? Why is this reasonable to her? The nurse tells her tomarry Paris because the marriage to Romeo is over since he has been banished from Verona. Shesays that Paris will make a great husband.
After the nurse leaves, what does Juliet decide to do (240-243)? Why does she make this decisionwithout consulting anyone? She is going to ask Friar Lawrence to come up with a solution to herproblem. She also decides to never confide or trust the Nurse again. If Friar Lawrence can’t helpher, she will kill herself.
Why is Paris visiting Friar Laurence? He is discussing wedding plans with him.
How is Juliet’s interaction with Paris both proper and yet reveals to the audience her feelings? She isbeing very respectful, but she is using double meanings when she talks. Juliet says, “I will confess toyou that I love him (Romeo)”
What does Juliet promise she will do if a marriage to Paris in unavoidable (50-67)? She threatens to killherself with a dagger.
Lines 68-76 reveal Laurence has a plan;what does it require of Juliet? How does Juliet “answer” the friar’s plan (76-88)? She must pretend to be dead. She agrees! “Give me!” She is not afraid.
What is the plan Friar Laurence has (89-120)? She must go home and agree to marry Paris. She mustthen make sure that she sleeps alone on the night before the wedding so that she can drink a potionthat will make her appear dead. She will then be placed in Capulet’s tomb and will awaken 42 hourslater. In the meantime, Friar will send a letter to Romeo explaining the plan. Romeo will be therewhen Juliet awakens and take her to Mantua with him.
Juliet returns to her father with a “change of heart”; what does she say to him to mend their fight? Shebegs forgiveness and agrees to marry Paris.
Why is the wedding advanced from Thursday to Wednesday? What is Lady Capulet’s concern? Capuletwants her to get married before she changes her mind. Lady Capulet is concerned about beingprepared for the wedding.
How might this change of plans affect the plan Juliet must carry out? Because she is drinking thepotion 24 hours earlier than planned, Romeo may not receive the information in time to get her outof the tomb when she awakens.
What are Juliet’s fears as she prepares to take the drug? 1. The drug might not work. 2. Friar Lawrencemay be poisoning her. 3. She might wake up before Romeo comes. 4. She is afraid she will suffocate.5. She is afraid she will go crazy. 6. She is afraid that she will kill herself because she is so fearful.
Lord and Lady Capulet have an emotional reaction to Juliet’s death; how does each react? LadyCapulet says that she has lost her only child – her only comfort. Lord Capulet says that Death hasmarried her and stolen his joy (Juliet).
Friar Laurence is there to comfort them but also to keep his plan intact; what is the purpose of the lastfew lines of the scene? Friar Lawrence says that she is in a better place (Heaven). He also urges themto bury her quickly.The last lines with the musicians serves as comic relief.
What is Romeo’s premonition in lines 1-11? Romeo believes that he is getting ready to hear goodnews because he dreamed that he died and Juliet kissed him and brought him back to life. When shedid, he became an emperor.
What news does Balthasar, Romeo’s servant, bring? How does this disrupt the plan? He tells Romeothat Juliet is dead. Romeo never knows about the plan and acts impulsively when he hears the news.He isn’t going to think through the situation before he buys poison to kill himself.
Paraphrase line 24. Why is this such a bold statement? “Then I defy you stars!” He says that he isrebelling against fate. I’m going to take fate in my own hands.
What does Romeo decide to do after speaking with Balthasar (34-57)? He decides to buy poison, go toJuliet’s tomb, and drink it so that he will die beside her.
Is this shocking or does it re-emphasize Romeo’s impulsive behavior? Not at all! He has beenimpulsive from the beginning.
Why was Friar John unable to deliver the letter from Laurence to Romeo? He was quarantinedbecause of the Black Plague and was forced to stay in someone’s home until the quarantine waslifted.
Why is Paris at Juliet’s tomb? Why does he believe Romeo is there? To honor her with flowers and payhis respects. He believes Romeo is there to vandalize the Capulet’s tomb.
How does Romeo feel about Paris after killing him? What does he do with Paris’s body?Closely read lines 84-120 He feels remorse for killing Paris because he realizes that he also lovedJuliet. He lays it next to Juliet’s body.
In lines 91-96, what does Romeo notice about Juliet? How is this dramatic irony? He notices that shehas color in her lips and cheeks. We know that she isn’t dead and is waking from her deep sleep.
What is the light and dark imagery spoken by Romeo? He calls Juliet a light in the dark tomb. He saysthat he will remain in darkness with her because she is “dead.”
How does Romeo personify death? “Death has sucked the honey of thy breath.” Line 92
What is the reference to Fate Romeo makes? “and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars.” Line 111He is saying that when he kills himself that bad luck can no longer follow him.
How are love and death symbolized at the end of Romeo’s death scene? Lines 116-119 He compareshimself to a boat that is seasick and wants to crash upon the rocks and die.
In line 167, what does Juliet realize as she awakens? She sees that Romeo has consumed poison anddied. She realizes that it just happened – “Thy lips are warm.”
What does Friar Laurence mean when he says, “A greater power than we can contradict”?Is Laurence more worried about Juliet or himself? They have no power over what has happened.Something or Someone has ruined and ruled over their plan.
What is the contradiction in Juliet’s last lines? The paradox, a statement that seems untrue at first butupon further thought makes sense? To Juliet, being with Romeo in Heaven is a better option thanstaying in her world.
How does Friar Laurence explain the events of the last few days? He summarizes is in Lines 229-269(See book)
Does he take blame or protect himself? He takes full responsibility for his part in the deaths of Romeoand Juliet even though he did not kill anyone.
Explain the Prince’s references to love, hate, and death in his speech? The families’ hatred has causedthe death of the children they love.
What does the audience learn of Lady Montague? Lady Montague dies of grief over the banishmentof Romeo.
What do Lord Capulet and Lord Montague agree to do? They agree to bury their hate, and LordMontague is going to build a statue of gold in honor of Juliet.
What is the Prince’s final reference to light and dark? How does it relate, thematically, to the entireplay? The sun is too sad to show its face because of the tragedy. In the play, the darkness hid thetruth while the light revealed the sad situation.
Being a tragedy, there is always a large “death toll” at the end; by the end of the play, how many liveshave been taken because of this feud? Six: Mercutio, Tybalt, Lady Montague, Paris, Romeo, andJuliet

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