Romeo and Juliet Test- Act III

What is considered the turning point in this story? Tybalt’s death
Why does Benvolio want to get off the streets? Because it’s hot and Capulet’s are wandering around and he doesn’t want to get in a fight
What were Mercutio and Benvolio arguing about? About how Benvolio actually does get hot tempered
How was Mercutio murdered? Romeo tried to break up the fight, but Tybalt reached under Romeo’s arm and stabbed Mercutio.
Who murdered Tybalt? How? Romeo; they were fighting and Romeo stabbed him
Who does Benvolio say started the fight? Tybalt
What was Romeo’s consequence for killing Tybalt? He was banned from Verona, and if he is seen there he will be killed
What could be considered the falling action in the story? Romeo murders Tybalt and then gets banished, him and Juliet can’t be together
When Juliet thinks Romeo is dead what does she say she’s going to do? She’s says that she’s going to kill herself with the cords and death would take her virginity
What is Juliet’s initial reaction to Romeo’s involvement in Tybalt’s death? She is mad and she damns him
When Romeo finds out about his punishment, what does he say? He says that he’d rather death than be banished (because he can’t see Juliet)
What does Romeo nearly do before the Nurse stops him? He nearly kills himself, the Nurse had to take the dagger out of his hand
What did the Friar tell Romeo to do? During this time, what will the Friar be doing? To go see Juliet but as soon as it’s morning he has to leave for Mantua. During this time, the Friar will be trying to make peace with the Prince
Who is going to update Romeo on his case and give him messages? How could this be a bad thing? His servant, Balthasar; Balthasar could get caught, never make it to Romeo, or if he does make it he could get the message mixed up
Give an example of dramatic irony in the story. Capulet thinks Juliet is in her room crying over Tybalt. Little does he know, she’s crying about Romeo.
Why does Capulet want Juliet and Paris to get married so soon? Because Capulet thinks it’ll make her less upset over her cousin’s death
When are Juliet and Paris supposedly getting married? Thursday (2 days away)
Why does Capulet say the wedding will have to be small? Because they’re still in mourning over Tybalt’s death and it wouldn’t look good if they threw a huge party right after a family member died
Give an example of foreshadowing. When Romeo is climbing down from Juliet’s balcony she says it reminds her of someone dead in a tomb and then Juliet mentions the death of them (their relationship)
What are Lady Capulet’s plans for Romeo? She’s going to send her men to Mantua to poison him
When Lady Capulet tells Juliet about her marrying Paris who does Juliet threaten to marry instead? Romeo
Why is Capulet so furious with Juliet’s refusal in marrying Paris? Because she’s disobeying her father and she also isn’t respecting him
How do the Capulet’s respond to the Nurse’s attempts to defend Juliet? They think it’s unnecessary and tell her to shut up
When Juliet is talking to the Nurse what is Juliet asking for? More time before she marries Paris so she can figure out what to do
How has the Nurse’s opinion changed? The Nurse now thinks Romeo is bad for Juliet, and thinks that Julie should just marry Paris
Juliet tells her parents that she will marry Paris and is going to to Friar Lawrence’s cell now to confess how she disobeyed her father, but what is Juliet really going to do there? She’s going to see the Friar to try and figure things out and if she can’t, Juliet threatened to kill herself.
What is something that Romeo and Juliet both have in common? They both can’t talk to their parents. Instead, Romeo talks to the Friar and Juliet talks to the Nurse.

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