Romeo and Juliet Test

As Friar Lawrence scolds Romeo for acting like a woman, he reminds Romeo that he has 3 things to be thankful for… 1. Juliet is alive2. Tybalt is dead so he is not looking for you3. You are being exiled instead of killed
What is Friar Lawrence’s 7 step plan for Romeo? 1. Visit Juliet that night2. Leave Verona before dawn3. Go to Mantua4. They will announce the marriage5. Reconcile friends and family6. Beg pardon of The Prince7. Go back to Verona
What is Friar Lawrence’s 7 step plan for Juliet? 1. Give consent to marry Paris2. Drink medicine that will make her sleep for 42 hours and look dead 3. Taken to Capulet balt4. Friar will write Romeo and tell him the plan5. Romeo will come to Capulet balt6. Friar Lawrence and Romeo will be there when Juliet awakens7. Romeo will take Juliet to Mantua with him
In Juliet’s soliloquy before she drinks the potion, what 3 thoughts make her hesitate? 1. Friar Lawrence might give her something that will kill her2. What if it doesn’t work?3. Romeo might not get there in time and she would smother
What does Friar Lawrence clear up for the authorities? 1. Romeo and Juliet were married2. Married when Paris deal occured3. Juliet wanted to kill herself4. Friar Lawrence gave Juliet potion5. Friar Lawrence wrote to Juliet6. Romeo never gets the letter with the plan7. Juliet stabbed herself
What does Balthasar clear up for authorities? 1. I told Romeo about Juliet’s death2. I saw Romeo immediately leave for the Capulet’s balt
What is Romeo’s tragic flaw? Ruled by passion and despair; makes rash decisions
What is Juliet’s tragic flaw? Ruled by emotions; acts rashly; diobediant
Do you think Romeo and Juliet are destroyed by fate, their own character flaws, by the flaws of others, or a combination of factors? Explain. I think that Romeo and Juliet are destroyed by their own character flaws and the flaws of others. I think that Romeo acts too rashly by killing himself as soon as Juliet is dead. I also think that if the letter would have gotten to Romeo, he and Juliet would both be alive.
Tragedy Main character suffers down fall from tragic flaws
Setting Verona and Mantua, two cities in northern Italy; 1300s
Tragic flaw The downfall may result from outside forces or from a weakness within the character
Shakespeare’s body of work Cannon
Shakespeare’s company Lord Chamberlain’s Men
Built their own building called the ___ Globe
People who pain a penny stood around the stage to watch were called Groundlings
Where was Shakespeare born Statford-upon-Avon
Shakespeare was born in ___ 1564
Shakespeare married ___ Anne Hathaway
In 1610, Shakespeare retired to ___ Stratford
Shakespeare died in ___ 1616
Shakespeare wrote ___ plays 37
Romeo and Juliet is a ___ Sonnet
Instead on relying on ___, Shakespeare used ___ to create illusions of a setting. Scenery; language