Romeo and Juliet Survival Kit

Abram Montague’s Servant
Balthasar Romeo’s Servant
Benvolio Romeo’s friend and cousin
Montague Romeo’s father
Lady Montague Romeo’s Mother
Romeo young man, only son of Montague
Mercurio Romeo’s friend, also related to the Prince
Sampson Capulet’s servant
Gregory Capulet’s service
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin
Capulet Juliet’s father
Lady Capulet Juliet mother
Nurse raised Juliet and loves her
Juliet thirteen year old girl
Peter servant on Juliet’s Nurse
Prince Escapes Prince of Verona; symbol of law, order, and justice in Verona
Paris related to the prince; hopes to marry Juliet
Friar Lawerence good man trying to bring peace to Verona; he helps Romeo and Juliet
Apothecary a very poor shopkeeper who illegal sells poison to Romeo
Friar John friend of Friar Lawrence who does him a favor to help R and J
Page messenger to Paris
Art are
Thou you
Thee you
Thy your
Thine your

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