Romeo and Juliet Study Guide

1 Scene 1
According to the chorus, what will happen to the main characters by the end of the play? The main characters will kill themselves at the end of the play, ending the feud between their families
Do Sampson and Gregory want to start the fight? Why or why not? No, they do not want to get in trouble for starting it
What does it mean to bite your thumb at someone? Equivalent to putting up your middle finger at somebody
Who tries to break up the fight between the servants? Benvolio
Which major character really likes to fight? Tybalt
What does the Prince say will happen if there is another fight between the Montagues and the Capulets in his streets? They will be executed
Do Montague or Lady Montague know what is wrong with Romeo? Neither know what is wrong with him
What is wrong with Romeo? He loves someone that doesn’t love him back
What is Benvolio’s solution to help Romeo recover? Tells him to look at other women and to find someone else, and then he will be over the one he loves
Does Romeo think that Benvolio’s idea will work? No
1 Scene 2
What is Paris’ suit? What does he want from Capulet? He wants to marry Capulet’s daughter, juliet
What is Capulet’s suggestion? Suggests to wait 2 more years and then ask Juliet to marry him
Based on Capulet’s response to Paris, does Juliet have a say in the matter? Yes
What does Capulet suggest Paris do at the party tonight? Compare Capulet’s suggestions to Benvolio’s suggestion in Scene 1. Capulet suggests Paris look at other women at his party and compare them to Juliet. Same as Benvolio’s suggestion to Romeo
Why does the servant ask Romeo to read the note? He is illiterate and cannot read
Which of Capulet’s guests is of interest to Romeo? Rosaline
Why does Benvolio suggest they crash the party? So that Romeo and compare Rosaline with the other women at the party and realize she’s not special
Why does Romeo decide to go with Benvolio? To see Rosaline
1 Scene 3
Summarize lines 16-48. The Nurse took care of Juliet when she was little and treats her like her daughter bc her own daughter died. Tells about the day of the earthquake when Juliet was being weaned off of her breastmilk and she tried walking and fell on her face. The Nurse’s husband, who is also now dead, laughed at her
What does this monologue tell the audience about the Nurse’s character? She’s a little weird, lonely, and motherly towards juliet
About what does Lady Capulet want to talk to Juliet? About marriage, especially to Paris
How old is Lady Capulet? About 26-27 years old
What does Lady Capulet use as a metaphor for Paris? A book
Does Juliet seem interested in Paris or the idea of getting married? Would you? NeitherNo bc don’t know the guy and too young
1 Scene 4
What does Romeo suggest that he do since he will not dance? Hold the torch and bear the lifht
A homophone is “a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning.” In many situations homophones make very good puns (a “form of word play that deliberately exploits an ambiguity between similar-sounding words” for humorous purposes). What are the puns used? Nimble soles – soul of leadToo sore – to soar with his light feathers
Of what do lovers dream? Of what do lawyers dream? Love, fees
How does Mercutio explain dreams? (Hint: “Begot of “) Dreams are lies and not to be trusted
What is Romeo’s fear/premonition? That he will die soon
1 Scene 5
Why do you think that Shakespeare includes the conversation among the servingmen at the beginning of scene 5? To warn the audience to wake up and pay attention, play is going to get good and complex
Who does Romeo see/meet that changes his mind about the party (now he thinks it is a good idea to be at the party)? Juliet
Who discovers Romeo at the party? Tybalt
What does this character want to do with Romeo and why? Kill him, because he thinks Romeo is making fun of their family name by coming to the party
How does Capulet respond to the idea of throwing Romeo out? Does not like it because it would cause big distraction and go against the Prince’s decree, also thinks Romeo is a good man
2 Scene 1
In line 6, what does Mercutio mean when he says “Nay, I’ll conjure too” (use text aids)? He will recite a spell to make Romeo appear
Why does Mercutio think that Romeo will not be angry about what he just said? Because Mercutio is saying things that are true
Using text aids, explain what Benvolio means in lines 30-32: Come, he hath hid himself among these trees,To be consorted with the humorous night.Blind is his love and best befits the dark. Means Romeo wants to be hidden in the dark because night is moody just like his love
2 Scene 2
What metaphor does Romeo use to describe Juliet? As the rising sun
How does Romeo imagine he will touch Juliet’s cheek? Imagines himself as one of her gloves so he can touch her cheek
Juliet is unaware of Romeo’s presence; paraphrase what she is saying. Wishing Romeo would change his name so he would not be a Montegue, also is saying how names do not affect a person, that she loves the person not the name
How does Romeo explain his presence under her balcony (how did he get there)? Got there by love
Why is Juliet so open about her feelingS? Romeo already heard her while he was hidden
What does Romeo swear by? Why is Juliet not okay with that idea? Swears his love by the moon, Juliet not okay bc the moon is inconsistent and always changing
What is Juliet’s concern(s)? Concerned about their names and how they are not supposed to be together bc of their names, also concerned about how fast relationship is moving
What is Romeo’s fear(s)? Fears this night is just a dream, and since he has a dream about his death, he fears this night will lead to his death
What does Juliet suggest? Marriage
Where is Romeo going at the end of the scene? To Friar,a priest, to get wedding arrangements
2 Scene 3
What is the Friar doing at the opening of the scene? Gardening
Infer: What does the Friar believe about the natural world? Everyone has the potential to be good or evil
What are the two functions of the plant that the Friar speaks about? Be specific. Used as poison and have the power to kill, or used as medicine and have the power to save
How does the Friar explain Romeo’s presence so early in the morning? Thinks Romeo has not been to bed at all bc he was with Rosaline all night
What does Romeo ask the Friar to do? When? Asks him to marry them that very day
What is the Friar’s response to Romeo? Asks how Romeo got over Rosaline so fast, the woman he spent days crying over to Friar, scolds Romeo for lusting instead of loving
What is the Friar’s final decision? What reason does he give? Agrees to marry them bc he thinks it would end the family feud
2 Scene 4
Infer: What do you suppose is in the letter that Tybalt sends to Montague? A challenge to fight romoe
What is Mercutio’s concern when he thinks of Romeo fighting Tybalt? Worried Tybalt will kill Romeo if Romeo accepts fight
How does Romeo react to Mercutio’s comments when they meet in this scene? How is Romeo’s reaction different from what audiences saw in Act 1? Jokes and banters with him, he is friendly and cheerful whereas act 1 he is very dopey and depressed
Malapropism is “the unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similar.” Using the text aids, identify the two malapropisms the nurses uses between lines 115 and 140. Confidence instead of conferenceRopery instead of roguery
How does the Nurse react to Mercutio’s banter with her? Taken aback, surprised, and upset
What is the Nurse doing to Romeo? Threatening him and warning him that if he does anything bad to Juliet she will come after him
What is Juliet’s reaction when the Nurse talks about Paris as a great catch? She gets angry and turns as pale as a cloth
2 Scene 5
Infer: What emotion would you use to describe Juliet’s first speech? Nervous and anxious
What about the Nurse’s appearance makes Juliet nervous? Appears to look sad and exhausted
What character trait does the Nurse exhibit when talking with Juliet (hint: one of the three that we already discussed)? Acts like a jokester
2 Scene 6
Why is Romeo not overly concerned about the future (refer to lines 3-8)? Too much in love to be sad
What advice does Friar Lawrence give Romeo? What does he mean? Advises him to love moderately, means not to rush into things too quickly with Juliet or else the relationship won’t last long
What happens at the end of scene 6? They are married
3 Scene 1
What character trait do we learn about Benvolio? He is violent bc he had violent past
How and by whom is Mercutio killed? Stabbed and killed by Tybalt
Who kills Tybalt? Romeo
What is Romeo’s punishment? Banishment from Verona
3 Scene 2
For what is Juliet wishing in the first lines of scene 2? Wishing for Romeo to come so they can have their wedding night together
What does Juliet mean these lines?Oh, I have bought the mansion of a love, But not possessed it, and though I am sold, Not yet enjoyed. Talking about her wedding night and how she and Romeo still need to consummate the marriage
What is the pun in lines 43-51? Juliet says “Ay” “eye” and “I” in the same sentence to form pun
Initially who does Juliet think is dead? Romeo
Line 79 is an example of what literary element? Oxymoron
3 Scene 3
What is the friar trying to tell Romeo between lines 15 and 28? Trying to tell Romeo that he is being foolish and that he is lucky because banishment is better than death, and the Prince has ignored his decree to spare Romeo
Line 41 is an example of what literary element? Pun
Explain the pun in line 45. Uses 2 meanings of “mean” – first meaning method and the other meaning humiliating
What is the lesson the friar gives to Romeo between lines 135 and 144? Gives him the lesson that he should be happy because both he and Juliet are alive
What has to happen before Romeo can return to Verona (hint: refer to lines 150-160)? Announce the marriage publicly, get Romeo’s friends to forgive him, and get the Prince to pardon his record
3 Scene 4
When does Capulet say that Paris and Juliet shall be married? Thursday
How much time does that give Juliet and the family to prepare? 3 days
3 Scene 5
Explain the difference between Juliet’s speech in lines 1-5 and her speech in lines 26-35 At first wants Romeo to stay because it is only the nightingale singing so it is night, but then wants him to leave because it is the lark singing so it is day
Lines 54-57 are an example of what literary element? Foreshadowing
What is Lady Capulet’s plan to get revenge for Tybalt’s death (hint: refer to lines 88-93)? Kill Romeo
Explain the metaphor in lines 127-139. What two things is Capulet comparing? Comparing Juliet to a violent storm
When Juliet refuses to marry Paris, what is her father’s ultimatum (hint: refer to lines 161-169)? She has to marry Paris or else he will disown her, ironic bc he said it was her choice
Explain Juliet’s predicament in lines 206-24 (why can’t she marry Paris?). Bc she is already married to romeo
What does the nurse suggest? Suggests to marry Paris
4 Scene 1
Why is Paris at Friar Lawrence’s cell? To make the wedding arrangements
What reason does Paris give for the hasty marriage? To help cheer Juliet up bc she has been crying over Tybalt’s death
What does Juliet mean in lines 30-31? Says she looked bad before before she started crying, meaning she is still not over Romeo’s banishment
What will Juliet do if the Friar cannot come up with a remedy/plan? Kill herself
What is the Friar’s plan? Be specific and include details. His plan is for Juliet to go home and give consent to marry Paris, kick the nurse out of her room, drink the poison to make it seem like she is dead for 42 hours, be buried in the Capulet catacombs, and Romeo will get a letter telling him to come to Verona and wake Juliet and take her to Mantua with him
What information does Juliet now know that Romeo does not? Why would this be important? Knows if she kills herself Romeo will kill himself, important bc if Romeo knew Juliet was faking her death he would not kill himself
4 Scene 2
What is the sign of a good cook? If he licks his fingers after he cooks
What does Juliet tell her father when she returns home? She wants to marry Paris
What is ironic about Capulet’s relief and joy at the end of the scene? Because the day before he was angry and abusive to Juliet, but now he is happy because Juliet is doing what he wants her to do
4 Scene 3
What explanation does Juliet give the Nurse for wanting to be alone for the night? She wants to pray to get the Nurse out of the room
What comforts Juliet? [She knows that she shall not be married tomorrow because this shall forbid it] The knife
About what two things is Juliet worried? [Hint: lines 24-32] Worried the poison the friar gave her is a death potion instead, and that Romeo might not get her in time when she is buried and she will suffocate
What does Juliet see at the end of this scene? Tybalt chasing Romeo to kill him
4 Scene 4
What does Lady Capulet mean in lines 11-12? Means she knows Capulet has other mistresses, but she will stop Capulet from seeing them
What does Capulet ask the Nurse to do? To wake Juliet and prepare her for her wedding
4 Scene 5
Why is the Nurse not immediately concerned when she cannot wake Juliet? Thinks she is just sleeping
What is ironic about what Capulet says in lines 31-32? Bc in the previous scene he did not care for Juliet, and now he is saddened by her death
What has Death become to Lord Capulet? Lord Capulet’s heir
According to Friar Lawrence, why are the Capulets and Paris wrong for mourning? Because it is their fault Juliet killed herself, so she would not have to marry Paris
What does Capulet do with all of the preparations for the wedding? Turns them into funeral preparations
Do you predict that the Friar’s plan will work? Why or why not. Explain in detail.[Because both characters die in the end is NOT an acceptable response!] No bc there are too many potential errors, the friar did not deliver Romeo’s message himself, and the wedding got moved up a day so the whole plan is rushed
5 Scene 1
Describe Romeo’s emotion in his first speech. Happy and joyful
What is ironic about Romeo’s dream? It is the exact situation that him and Juliet are in, except the roles are reversed
Line 6 is an example of what literary element? Foreshadowing
What news does Balthasar bring? Juliet is dead
In Mantua, what is the punishment for selling poison? Death to the seller
How does Romeo convince the apothecary to sell him the poison (refer to lines 68-74)? With money, bc the apothecary needs the money since he is poor and starving
According to Romeo’s last speech, what is the “worse poison to men’s souls”? Gold and money
5 Scene 2
What happens to Father John? Gets quarantined from the plague
How does what happens to Father John affect Romeo and Juliet? The message he was supposed to deliver does not get to Romeo so Romeo does not know about the plan
5 Scene 3
A) Who is at Juliet’s tomb in the beginning of the scene? B) What does this person seem to be doing? Paris, seems to be saying his final goodbye to Juliet bc he truly loves her
What reason does Romeo give Balthasar for going into the tomb? To get Juliet’s ring and to look at her one last time
A) What does Paris think Romeo is doing in the Capulets’ tomb? B) Why would Paris think this? Thinks he is damaging the tomb, thinks this bc Romeo killed Tybalt and it is also his enemy’s tomb
What happens to Paris? Be specific. Paris blows out the torch so Romeo does not see him and begins to fight Romeo, first with words and then physically, and then he is killed by Romeo and asks him to lay him in the tomb beside Juliet
What happens to Romeo? Be specific. Romeo cannot see who is behind the tomb bc there is no light, so he fights the mysterious man and kills him, then realizes it’s Paris. He lays him to rest in the tomb next to Juliet as asked. He then sees Juliet and is saddened, and is oblivious to the obvious signs that Juliet is faking her death and is actually alive. He drinks all the poison and dies
Refer to lines 151-159 A) Who/what does the Friar blame for what has happened? B) Where does Friar Lawrence suggest Juliet go? C) Why would he suggest this? Blames fate and God a greater force, suggests Juliet to go to the convent to become a nun, suggests this so Juliet will not tell on him and get him in trouble for all the rules he broke
All were punished in this scene. Why and how is the Prince punished? Bc he did not follow through with his decree and end the feud once and for all, and he lost his close kinsmen Mercutio and Paris