Romeo and Juliet Study Guide

What is the purpose of the prologue to give a brief summary of what will happen. Foreshadows death and introduces the conflict.
What events does the prologue foreshadow? Romeo and Juliet falling in love.DeathFamilies Reconciliation
How effective is the law in preventing and controlling violence, as evidenced in Act I Scene I? They are more interested in the continuing the fued. Law is ineffective. Prince tries to stop it.
What does the expression “purple fountains” refer? blood
What poetic device is used in “The sun is peering forth the golden window at the east”? Personification; sun rising
Romeo describes love as “a smoke raised with the fume of sighs;/ being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers eyes./ being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers tears./ What is it else? A madness most discreet,/A choking gall, and preserving sweet.” What does this description of love tell you about Romeo and his feelings. His love is a contradiction, he loves this girl but she doesnt love him back. His feeling just go back and forth.
Capulet gives Juliet’s age and his plan for her future to Paris. What does he tell him? At this point, what is Capulet’s attitude towards his daughter? She is only 13, about to turn 14, He has a very close relationship with his daughter. He says he is not ready for her to get married yet. Suggests looking for other girls.
Look at Juliets first words to her mother, “Madame, I am here. What is your will? ” What do these words say about juliet and her nature. She is respectful, raised well.
What do the nurses recollections about Juliets childhood reveal about her character. Shes very dirty, refers to something so innocent and turns it into dirty.
Contrast Juliets remarks on marriage with those of the nurse. The Nurse thinks she should because he is hot. Juliet doesnt care for him. She says she will try to fall for gim but not very hard.
In Act I Scenes IV-V, How do you know what time of day it is? Quote the line that tells you. Talks about torches. Need the light. so it is dark/night
What do the lines “Is love a tender thing? It is too rough/ Too rude and boistrous, and it pricks like a thorn. reveal about romeo? Is he more aware of himself or his love. More aware of himself, constantly evaluating how love affects him.
Contrast Tybalts and lord capulets responses to romeos presence at the party. WHat does their exchange suggest about the significance of the fued? Capulet respects romeo and says he will not hurt anyone and says he is a gentlemen. Tybalt believes he will not sin if he kills romeo because he is at the party.
What does romeos immediate reaction to juliet suggest about his character? He lusts over beauty. Love at first sight.
Juliets lament at learning romeos identity, “My only love, sprung from my only hate/ Too early seen unknown, and known too late!” suggests the working of what device? fate
Quote and restate romeos metaphor involving Juliet. “Can i go forward when my heart is there? Turn back thy earth and find thy center out. The earth is romeo and juliet is his soul.
In ActII Scene II the play begins to explorethe meaning of identity. Explain how. When juliet was saying Romeos name didnt make him who he was.
When Juliet speaks “light love” or her “light” behavior , what does she mean by the word light? she is innocent, her heart/behavior is light and hasnt experienced this love.
What “stony” limits, besides the orchard wall, separate the young lovers? How do they dismiss the obstacles? Their names, however they do not care who their names are they just want to be together.
What roubles juliet about the arrangement she makes with Romeo? They haven’t even known each other for long.
In addition to describing the qualities and dangers of herbs, friar lawrence also compares these qualities to those in humans. What is the main idea of his soliloquy humans can be kind but then they can be violent and harmful.
why does the friar claim romeo is fickle? He changes from rosaline to juliet in less than a day and was really upset about rosaline
Why,in view of his opinion regarding romeos feelings, does the friar agree to marry them? He thinks it will put an end to the feud.
Mercutio calls tybalt “more than Prince of Cat,” referring to a character in an animal story. In what ways is Tybalt more dangerous than the fictional character? What does this foreshadow? Very good at swordfighting foreshadows mercutios death.
What is shakespeares purpose for delaying tactics of the nurse? To make the reader eager and anxious for juliet to know what happened.
What is the setting of Act II Scene 5? What effect does juxtaposing these short, varied sceneshave on the drama? Juliets room. Everything is happening at the same time and the reader wants to know everything that is going on.
How do Romeo’s and the Friar’s viewpoints on love differ? Romeo is very hasty and fast, the friar wants them to take their time so their relationship doesnt blow up.
What does the Friar’s warning against the intensity of their feelings foreshadow? Eventually their love will not end happily. Probably dying.
Look back at benvolio’s appearance in Act I, Scene I, and compare it to his appearance here. What role does he seem to playing throughout the play? Reasonable person. However, will stand in fight if needed.
What is Romeo’s response to Tybalt’s goading? Explain his meaning. HE says he has an excuse for being at the party because of Juliet. He loves both families and he does not want to fight.
Why does Mercutio become involved in the altercation? What irony presents his fate? He threatens Tybalt and picks the fight. Gets killed however romeo tries to cover him. He blames romeo even though romeo tried to save his life.
What dramatic function does Mercutio’s death serve? Romeo kills tybalt and is banished
Juliet has mixed feelings about tybalts death and romeos part in it, but what bothers her most? that romeo was banished and she will never see him again.
When the friar protests that banishment is a merciful sentence, what is romeos response? He disagrees, he says death is better than being away from his love.
Romeo wanders, “In what vile part of this anatomy/Doth my name lodge?” what thematic concept does the play continue to explore with this question? Explain. Your name doesn’t say who you are. He continues to think why their parent hate each other and why his name separates him from Juliet.
When the Nurse arrives, bearing news of Juliets grief, what does romeo attempt? How is this gesture characteristic of him? He attempts to kill himself, As usual, hasty actions.
(Act III Scene I) This serious scene has a pun by mercutio about death. How is this response to his wound characteristic of Mercutio? He turns something serious into something silly, comic relief even though he was stabbed.
Characterize romeo in this scene. Is he realistic in his hope that his relationship with Juliet will put an end to the feud? No, it would make it worse because they would not approve of them being in love anyways.
As Benvolio leads him away, Romeo cries out, “O, I am fortunes fool.” To what extent is Romeo a pawn of fate? To what extent is he responsible for the events that are so swiftly unfolding? He cannot change it, he made every single choice
How does scene III define masculinity Romeo cries and is accused of being a woman, Juliet cries and it is okay.
What is occuring ironically while the unsuspecting Capulets plan to marry paris. Juliet is planning on how to get with romeo.
What does scene IV reveal about Lord Capulets personality? He is selfish and will not listen to his daughter
How does Shakespeare continue his light/dark motif in scene V? What happens when the day becomes lighter? Romeo has to leave, when it is dark romeo can stay
What is prophetic about romeos image as he descends fromthe ladder? Juliet says she sees him as in the bottom of the tomb and she actually will.
What is ironic about juliets response to her mother when she informs her of her fathers plans for her to marry paris? Talks about how fast and rushed it is when she married romeo in a day.
Juliet says “Well thou hast comforted me marvelous much.” To whom is she speaking and what does the tone of the passage reveal about her words? Nurse. Juliet is stressed and overwhelmed. She has sarcasm because the nurse is insuting Romeo.
Breifly state the friars solution and plan. She is to drink apotion that makes her look like she is dead. Friar sends a letter to romeo saying to meet her. She will wake up in the tomb and romeo and her will run off.
Analyze the friars motivations. Why is he willing to become involved. He cannot legally marry juliet twice. Thinks it will help feud.
When juliet tells paris, “That may be [happily met] sir, when i may be a wife.” how would paris and the audience interpreted her meaning differently? By thinking she was talking about paris, not romeo
Study the imagery in scene I. What is notable about it, what is the purpose. It all refers to death. Foreshadows their death.
What causes capulet to say “My heart is wondrous light!” Juliet agrees to marry Paris
How does fate again create problems for the lovers in scene II? wedding is a day earlier and juliet has to take potion earlier. Interferes with plan.
How do the fears Juliet discourses upon contrast with her previous attitude in the first scene? first she is up for it, then she contemplates on how scary it will be.
Does Juliets self composed exile require more courage than romeos banishment ? More, her life is put at risk
What kind of mood do the actions of scene IV create? how does this contrast with the mood in the previous scene? depressing when juliet takes potion, merry in preparation for the wedding.
What is the purpose of juxtaposing Scenes III, IV, and V? Depressing, happy, sadness. Anticipation
Capulet says “Ha! Let me see her. Out alas! She’s cold.” How does this statement reveal how the friars plans are working? The potion is supposed to make her look like she is dead and it has.
look back at Paris and Lord Capulet’s expression of grief. Were they sincere and heartfelt or artificial? They make it about themselves and forget about the tragedy saying they are hated.
Why does romeo think the apothecary will sell him poison? He is hungry and poor.
What does the speed with which romeo immediatley makes his drastic plans about his character? He will not slow down, again, hasty
What prevents Friar Lawrence from delivering the letter? What device? Plague was going around and the messenger did not want the plague. fate.
Judging from his words in the tomb, How do you think Paris feels about Juliet? He loves her and wants to lay beside her
Why does Paris think romeo comes to the tomb? To do something villanous
What does the prince mean when he says “All are punished” Evryone lost something because of the feud
what happens between the two families at the end. They reconcile