Romeo and Juliet Study Guide

Juliet’s 3 fears dying alone being driven insane if Romeo isnt there (distraugh)t, seeing Tybalt’s ghost, and maybe the Friar is lying
The prologue says what about plot and length of the play to the reader? It says that the plot is about a long lasting family feud and one person from each side of the family will pay the price with their lives to end the feud.mention “star-crossed” lovers
Why do Tybalt and Benvolio fight? They fought because Benvolio tries to prevent the servants from fighting, when Tybalt doesn’t want it to stop, he thought he had it under control. Tybalt later attacks Benvolio.
What does Prince Escalus foreshadow will happen if the street brawls between the Montagues and Capulets occur again? “Your lives will pay the forfeit of the peace for this time all the vest depart away” This statement states that if they cause another fight someone will pay the price which is their lives.
Why is Romeo unhappy? Quote a line to support your answer. Romeo is unhappy because he is in love with a girl who doesn’t love him back. “Out of her favor where I am in love.”
What solution does Benvolio suggest to Romeo? Benvolio suggests to Rome0 that he should look for other beauties, such as other girls that would like him back, unlike Rosaline.
Capulet, Juliet’s father, gives her age and a plan for Paris. Report these two pieces of information. Capulet wants to give Juliet two more years, then let Paris marry Juliet. She hasn’t see the change of fourteen years. He also tells Paris to come to his party, and to compare the other girls to Juliet.
Romeo also reads aloud the invitation. What does Benvolio suggest to Romeo, why? He suggests that he should go the party, check out Rosaline, and compare her to the other pretties. Rosaline would be a “crow” compared to the other girls.
How does Juliet react to her mother’s idea of marriage? Wha does Juliet agree to do about Paris’s wooing? She said its an honor but, not for her yet. Juliet said she will try to like him, but won’t flirt and give him encouraging glances too often.
Romeo said its not a good idea to go to the party because of a dream he had. Quote and state the foreshadowing. Some consequences yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin in his fearful date, with this night’s revels and expire the Term of a despised life, clos’d in my breast, by some vile forfeit of untimely death. He believes he is gonna die, starting with the party.”star crossed lovers”
Romeo’s uneasiness is very different for what mercutio talks about. What is he describing and what does this comment show about him? Romeo thinks the dreams are true; about his love. Mercurio is describing that he doesn’t believe in unreal things like dreams or Gods. He only believe in what is right in from of him.
How do Romeo and Juliet feel about each other? How do they feel after they learn that each is from an enemy’s family? They start to fall in love with each other. Romeo, “My life now belongs to my enemy.” Juliet, ” My only love sprung from my only hate.” They cant go back now, they already love each other.
In Juliet’s soliloquy, why does Juliet say,”O, be some other name!” Juliet says this meaning why can’t you have another name, why do you have to be a Montague.
When Juliet speaks about “Light love” or her light behavior, what specifically does she mean by the word light? When she talks about light love, Juliet is saying that she sensate want Romeo to think of her love as shallow, or inconstant.
In addition the describing the qualities and dangers of herbs, Friar also compares these qualities to those is humans. Quote what he says. He connects the idea of the plant with this line,”Two such opposed Kings encamped them still in man as well as herbs- grace and rude will.” It means that two such opposing qualities are all consumed in man, like plant they can both can posses evil traits along with beauty.
Why does the Friar agree to do the marriage? Friar agrees to reform the ceremony because he thinks that the marriage of Romeo and Juliet will stop the family feud.
Romeo gives the nurse 2 instructions regarding Juliet what are they? “Bid her devise, some means to come to confession, this afternoon and there shall be at Friar Lawrence’s cell, be forgiven of her sins and married. Here is for thy pains”
Both Romeo and the Friar refer to future sorrows. Quote their statements. Friar- “So smile the heavens upon this holy act that after hours with sorrow chide us not!” Romeo-” Amen, amen! but come what sorrow can, It cannot countervail the exchange of joy that is short minute gives me in her sight.” It means let all the problems be and have a delighted day as these two are together.
When Tybalt asks Romeo to draw his sword, he says, “Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that thou has done me,” What is he talking about? He is talking about when Romeo showed up to the Capulet party and Tybalt wanted to attack him, but got scolded instead.
Romeo’s response Romeo was saying that he never hurt Tybalt, that he has great respect for him and his name more than he would know. Romeo just got married to Juliet, Tybalt’s cousin.
How does Mercutio become involved in this fight? What happens to him? Mercutio gets involved when Tybalt starts insulting Romeo and Romeo doesn’t do anything about it. Mercutio stands up for Romeo and then ends up dying.
This serious scene includes a pun by Mercurio about death quote and explain the pun. “Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a graven.” it means that he won’t find him tomorrow he will be dead in a grave.
Why does Montague say that Romeo should ne pardoned for killing Tybalt? He says that since Tybalt killed Mercurio, which by law would have been killed for but Romeo finished the job.
Give the Princes Response to the killing His response was that Romeo should be banished once he is found, it only made matters worse that Mercurio was a close relative to the Prince.
When the nurse approaches Juliet in the orchard to speak with her, what does Juliet think? Juliet thinks that Romeo is dead, that he has killed himself.
Why does Juliet disagree with the nurse’s statements? Because when the nurse said shame shall come to Romeo, she knows that if Romeo didn’t killed Tybalt that he would have killed her husband instead.
Juliet has mixed emotions about Tybalt’s death and about Romeo, but what others her the most? That her husband Romeo is banished from Verona
Quote statements by Romeo that indicate he shares Juliet’s feelings about his exile. “Ha banishment? be merciful say, death, for exile hath more terror in his look, much more than death, Do not say banishment.”
When the friar protest that being exiled is a merciful sentence, how does Romeo respond? Romeo responds that Heaven is here, where Juliet is. Everyone ad everything gets to see Juliet and he may not. It takes him away from Juliet.
Briefly state the Friar’s plan To take a drink, make you appear dead for 42 hours, then take her to the capulet’s vault. Friar and Romeo will be there to save her, once Friar send a message to Romeo. Juliet is to tell Paris that they are to wed, Then drink the potion
Quote a line form Juliet’s soliloquy which foreshadows her death. “I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins that almost freezes up at the heat of life!”
Capulet says,”Ha! let me see her. Out alas! she’s cold.” Tell how the statement shows that the Friar’s plan is working. She looks dead, she’s cold. It shows that the potion is working.
how does Tybalt react to Romeo’s presence, also tell what Tybalt’s uncle decides and what Tybalt does as a result. He said, “fetch me my sword.” Romeo isn’t doing anything. Tybalt is going to leave him alone, but not forget his presence there.
After Romeo appears, what is Juliet embarrassed about? After Romeo appears, she is embarrassed because she has said a lot of things about Romeo and all of her feelings for him. She wouldn’t have said any of those things if she knew he was in her presence.
The nurse gives Juliet’s age and birthday. Act 1 scene 3 The nurse said she was 12 at the top of scene 3 act 1 and even stated her birthday is on Lammas Eve (Last day of July)
Since the guest are masked, how does Tybalt recognize Romeo? Moving through the crowd, Tybalt hears and recognizes Romeo’s voice. Realizing that there is a Montague present, Tybalt sends a servant to fetch his rapier
Juliet says ” I have no joy of this contract tonight./It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden.” Nonetheless, what arrangement does she make with Romeo? Senseble juliet was slightly wise arrange a nuptial so she says to marry her tomorrow.
When Romeo asks the Friar to marry him to Juliet immediately, the Friar comment on Romeo’s fickleness. Explain what he says. Friar was hesitant to marry Romeo and Juliet because he was recently in love with Rosaline. Due to situational irony, Romea’s desire changed and leaves Friar questioning.
In what way is Tybalt more dangerous than the fictional “Prince of Cats”? What might this image foreshadow? Prince of Cats refers to Tybalt being a fine fencer. In line 23 it says, “rest his min rest, one, two, and third to the bosom(chest)” Mercutio predicts his own death at the hand of Tybalt.
Describe the actions of the Nurse that add to Juliet’s suspense. The nurse excitement allows the scene to be interrupted as the nurse toying with Juliet so the excitement between them builds up.
Act 2 closing statement with Friar Typical marriage Friar saying that God (church) is agreeing to marry these two lovers
In describing her allegiance to Romeo, Juliet uses oxymorons. “Come thou day and night” means that she personifies him as night, come as the day, he shines her day. “Lose a winning a match” means after Romeo killing Mercutio, she lost her marriage to him or Juliet not wanting to marry Paris>
Why does Juliet say the birds singing was nightingale? What does Romeo say to disprove her? The nightingale represents the birds singing at night but Romeo knows it’s the lurk cause it’s daytime.
Juliet’s line that foreshadows Romeo’s death “Then, window, let day in but let LIFE out.” Life out is foreshadowing Romeo’s death.
Why hasn’t Paris spoken to Juliet about the marriage? Paris hasn’t talked to Juliet because he assumes that she continues to weep about Tybalt.
Why is Friar willing to become involved in solving Romeo and Juliet’s problems? calming Juliet down because she was really upset and about to commit suicide
Quote and explain the lines from Juliet’s soliloguy, which foreshadow her death? “That almost freezes up the heat of life” in which wakes up alone in a tomb, she foreshadowing her death.
Ironically, two of the fear of the fears Juliet expressed in Scene 1 that would endure, she now fears. Explain mention killing herself with a knife twice and killing herself would be better than marrying Paris and lying next to her cousin’s body or the bunch of corspe.
Explain what happens after Juliet faked her death Lady Capulet and Capulet realize that their enforcement was rather harsh due to the fact that they think their daughter is dead. Fear of Juliet anxiety to the excitement of marriage to sorrow.
Capulet says “Ha! Let me see her. O5tut alas! she’s cold.” Tell how his statement shows that the Friar’s plan is working. Explain what the Friar predicted and how it fits what has happened. Friar stated that the potion would give the illusion of Juliet death so what Capulet see is his daugther’s death
Why wasn’t John unable to get the letter to Romeo? Friar John replies that he was unable to deliver the letter because he was shut up in a quarantined house due to an outbreak of plague.
Julieti awaken soon. How does the script show this Talk with Friar as she wakes up and asks about Romeo. Romeo’s dead on the floor and Friar leave.(Doesn’t see her die)
Romeo’s personification of Juliet “O she doth teach the torch to burn bright, hang on the cheek of light” and as a jewel “Beauty to rich for use, for Earth to dear”
What quote foreshadow Romeo’s death back in Act 1 and the irony of it. “Strange dream that gives a dead man leaves to think.” This foreshadows his death back in Act 1 but also ironically he’s thinking he’s dead and Friar orchestrated the entire plan with Juliet’s consent.
what had Paris told Friar about the wedding date Parris tells the Friar that Juliet’s father wants to rush the marriage because she mourns Tybalt’s death so greatly and this will stop her grief. The Friar tells the audience that he wishes he didn’t know the actual reason why the marriage should be slowed.
Why did the Apothecary hestiate? Why did he give Romeo the drug? The Apothecary hesitates in selling Romeo the poison because it is against the law in Mantua to sell the substance.Because of his extreme poverty and how the richest people didn’t get to being rich by abiding the law, the Apothecary consents to sell Romeo the poison
how does romeo convince Juliet that he must leave Romeo promises Juliet that they will see one another again, but Juliet responds that he appears pale, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb. Romeo answers that, to him, she appears the same way, and that it is only sorrow that makes them both look pale.
Juliet says ‘Well, thou hast comforted me marvelous much.” to who to nurse because she’s pretending to agree with Nurse about the hand in marriage with Paris but is actually going to Friar Larance for help
Closing line to Act V scene 2 “Friar” Now I must go to the tomb alone. Within three hours Juliet will wake up. She’ll be very angry with me that Romeo doesn’t know what happened. But I’ll write again to Mantua, and I’ll keep her in my cell until Romeo comes. That poor living corpse. She’s shut inside a dead man’s tomb!
why did paris come to graveyard Grieve at Juliet
why does romeo kill paris Paris thinks that Romeo must hate the Capulets so much that he has returned to the tomb to do some dishonor to the corpse of either Tybalt or Juliet. … Romeo pleads with him to leave, but Paris refuses. They draw their swords and fight.
After Juliet discover Romeo’s body, what does the Friar tell her to do, what does she do instead? Friar tells her to become a nun and then he kills herself instead
The prince also blames himself. Why It was his responsibility to not let this happen but the tension caused their deaths
what did the Capulets and Montagues do to honor their fallen children they built a statue

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