Romeo and Juliet- Staed

Romeo Rich, smart, good looking 16 year old. He was in love with Rosaline who was not interested in him. When he meets Juiet, he instantly falls in love with her. He is not interested in the feud and thinks his love for Juliet may help end the family feud.
Juliet Is two weeks away from her fourteenth birthday. She is obedient and well mannered. She is honest with her feelings. She loves Romeo and is not ashamed to admit it.
Nurse In wealthy families a nurse took care of the children from the time that they were born until they were on their own. Juliet is closer to her nurse than to her own mother.
Friar Lawrence He has a special friendship with Romeo, and Romeo goes to him for advice about his love life. The friar agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet. He hopes that this will help end the families from feuding. When Juliet’s parents arrange for her to marry Paris, he gives her the medicine that makes it look like she is dead.
Tybalt Is a nephew to Lady Capulet, and therefore a Capulet by Marriage. Since the Capulet’s do not have a son, he will be the head of the family if Capulet dies. He is the one that is the most interested in the feud and he is the biggest troublemaker.
Mercutio A relative of the prince and is accepted by both the Capulets and the Montagues. He is a very good friend to Romeo. He hates Tybalt
Capulet Juliet’s father and the head of the Capulet family. He has the final say over all financial matters, marriages, and business ventures. He is used to getting his own way.
Montague Romeo’s father- a lot like Capulet only gentler and more sensitive. He is a very concerned and caring father.
Paris A cousin to the prince and a member of the royal family. He asks Capulet if he can marry Juliet. Juliet’s parents think he is the perfect husband for her.
Prince The ruler of Verona. He has had enough of the feuding and wants peace. He is a reasonable man and does not favor either side.
Fave known facts about Shakespeare: 1. He was christened April 26, 15642. Married to Ann Hathaway in Stratford3. Daughter Susanna and two other children (three total) were christened4. Name appears in print (being criticized) (im p sure theres suppose to be a date or something ??? idk)5. Buried April 23, 1616
What are two examples of subjects Shakespeare wrote about that makes his work seem contemporary, or modern? Power and young love (other options too i just didn’t write down lol)
Why would theaters regularly be closed down? By the plague (fear of t spreading)
Why was attending plays a common denominator between the contrasting classes? All were welcome
Why were performances held in the afternoons? Most of the lighting came from the sun
Instead of elaborate sets, what did theaters rely on for “scenery”? Theaters relied on playwrights to write a line that says the time and place
Why were the costumes of the actors so elegant? They were gifts (like hand-me-downs) to make up for not having any scenery
It was illegal for anyone under the rank of count, or countless, to wear what color? Purple
How was the theater in Shakespeare’s time like modern show business? The writers and actors all wanted the best lines and parts so it caused lots of competition (like hollywood)
Why didn’t city officials like the theaters? They thought it was a big distraction for people at work, spread the plague, and lots of pickpocketers (i don’t think thats a real word??) and prostitutes would gather there.
Who was not allowed to appear on stage? Women
What was one of the main components audiences, as well as critics, wanted to see? Blood shed, comedy, romance, fights, and more
Who was the most popular playwright in Shakespeare’s time? Christopher Marlowe
Who played women’s parts? men
Who was Queen during Shakespeare’s time? Queen Elizabeth (the first)
Why did playhouses succeed during Shakespeare’s time? The queen loved it
Why didn’t the queen ever marry? It served her so well to stay single (shit ton of power) especially for foreign policies. (I also had “no obligatons!” written down lmao)
How did Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” differ from other plays of his time? He combined comedies and tragedies
What is the relationship between Romeo and Juliet? Children of families fueding
Why does Romeo poison himself? He sees Juliet “dead”
REMINDER mark important sections is ur book
Prologue: The chorus tells, in a sonnet, that the play will concern a pair of lovers whose deaths shall end the conflict between their feuding families
Act 1, Scene 1: Samposon and Gregory, servants of the Capulet family, encounter Abram and Balthazar, of the Montague household, in a street in Verona. They fight; Benvolio appears and tries to stop them, but Tybalt enters and insists on dueling with him. Some Citizens attempt to break up the brawl, as Capulet and Montague join in, to the dismay of their wives, Lady Capulet and Lady Montague. The Prince arrives and chastises both families. He declares that any further fighting will be punished with death. The Prince and the capulets depart, and the Montagues discuss with their nephew Benvolio the mysterious melancholy that afflicts their son Romeo. As Romeo approaches, his parents leave Benvolio to interrogate him. Benvolio learns that Romeo is in love with a woman who is sworn to chastity and ignores him. Benvolio recommends that his cousin consider other women, but Romeo declares that his love’s beauty will eclipse all others.
Act 1, Scene 2: -Paris asks the Capulet’s for permission to marry Juliet but Capulet argues that she is too young but if he can win her affection at the banquette he can marry her-Capulet gives servants invitations and tells them to distribute them-Romeo and Benvolio run into the servant with the invitations and the servant asks them to read it bc he is illiterate. Romeo sees Rosaline (his beloved) on the list-Romeo and Benvolio sneak into the party in disguises. Romeo looking for Rosaline and Benvolio hoping the many beautiful women will cure Romeo’s love sickness
Act 1, Scene 3: – The nurse reminisces at length about Juliet’s childhood-Lady Capulet tells Juliet about her father’s arrangements for marriage
Act 1, Scene 4: -Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio arrive at the banquet-Romeo wont even dance bc he is too sad about Rosaline-Romeo gets made fun of by his friends
Act 1, Scene 5: -Servants are joking about the party-Romeo notices Juliet and is enthralled by her beauty -Their love blossoms when they kiss-Romeo sees the nurse and realizes who Juliet is and is very disappointed when he finds out his new love is his families enemy
Act 2, Prologue: -Romeo and Juliet cannot easily meet -Their families are enemies-They are still very passionate about each other
Act 2, Scene 1: -Romeo ditches his friends-His friends think he is going after Rosaline so they leave him
Act 2, Scene 2: -Juliet is at the window and Romeo is in the garden below admiring her beauty-Juliet thinks she is alone so she professes her love for Romeo and regretting that he is a Montague -They see each other again and exchange vows-The nurse calls Juliet so she tells Romeo she is sending a messenger (tomorrow) so they can make plans to get married
Act 2, scene 3: -Friar Laurence rants about herbs and stuff-Romeo arrives and tells him about his new love w Juliet-The Friar agrees to marry them thinking it would stop the feud
Act 2, scene 4: -Benvolio and Mercutio talk about Tybalt bc he challenged Romeo to a duel-Romeo’s friends don’t know if he is up for the challenge bc he is so in love-His friends leave and Romeo talks to the nurse and tells her to tell Juliet to meet him that afternoon at Friar Laurence’s and they will be married
Act2, Scene 5: -The nurse returns home and Juliet is supa impatient-She teases her by not telling her- when she does tell her Juliet leaves immediatly
Act 3, Scene 1: -Benvolio and Mercutio encounter Tybalt and Mercutio is picking a fight-Romeo stops by and makes funky comments about how he should be friends w Tybalt-Mercutio can’t stand it and pulls his sword on Tybalt-Mercutio dies and Romeo is pissed so he kills Tybalt^^CLIMAX OF STORY-Romeo fleets and is banished from Verona
Act 3, Scene 2: -Juliet waits for Romeo (its the night after their wedding)-The nurse tells her about Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment-Juliet talks about suicide so the nurse says she will bring Romeo to her
Act 3, Scene 3: -Romeo is hiding at Friar Laurence’s and also speaks of suicide when the nurse arrives and tells him about Juliet’s distress-Romeo goes to see Juliet
Act 3, Scene 4: -Capulet sees how distressed Juliet is and thinks its because of Tybalt-Capulet insists that Juliet will be married in three days thinking that will cheer her up
Act 3, Scene 5: -Romeo and Juliet say their goodbyes-Juliet and her parents talk about the marriage with Paris-Juliet refuses to marry and her father is enraged and storms out with her angry mother-The nurse tells Juliet that she should ignore her marriage with Romeo and marry Paris-Juliet goes to get advice from Friar Laurence
Act 4, Scene 1: -Juliet talks about suicide again-Friar Laurence gives her a potion that will make it look like she is dead-She will be placed in the family crypt and he will send Romeo there so they can run away together
Act 4, Scene 2: -Juliet apologizes to her parents-Capulet moves the wedding one day sooner
Act 4, Scene 3: -Juliet is scared the potion might actually kill her-She drinks the potion
Act 4, Scene 4: -The Capulets are all really busy doing last minute wedding stuff-Capulet sends the Nurse to go wake Juliet up
Act 4, Scene 5: -The Nurse can’t wake Juliet up and gets scared that she is dead-Friar Laurence then help with funeral things
Act 5, Scene 1: -Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead-Romeo races to Verona to see Juliet-He buys a poison that can kill
Act 5, Scene 2: -Friar John reports to Friar Laurence that he didn’t deliver the note to Romeo (didn’t have time)- Friar Laurence plans on breaking into the vault with a crow bar to take Juliet’s body and hide it in his own cell until he can get ahold of Romeo
Act 5, Scene 3: -Paris visits the tomb then hides bc hears someone is coming-Romeo arrives and Paris comes out of hiding to challenge Romeo to a duel-Romeo kills Paris, confronts Juliet (thinking she is dead), he drinks his poison, and dies-Friar Laurence comes back, Juliet wakes up, he tells what happened then tells her to flee because he can hear the watchmen coming-Juliet refuses to go, kisses Romeo, and stabs herself with his dagger-Everyone is surrounding the scene after
Alliteration The repetition of the same initial sound in words close together
Oxymoron A statement that seems to be contradictory but is at the same time profoundly logical
Allusion A reference to a literary or historical person or event
Act A main division of drama. Shakespeare’s plays have five of these
Soliloquy A speech given by a character alone on stage in order to let the audience know what the character is thinking
Tragedy A type of drama of human conflict in which the main character often has a flaw which leads to his or her destruction
Irony A contrast between what is and what appears to be. Two kinds of this are verbal or dramatic
Foil A character who contrasts and parallels the main character of a story
Foreshadowing A hint at what is to come in the story that is used to keep the audience in a state of expectany
Scene A smaller unit within an act in a play
Imagery has to do with the senses
Comic Relief jokes to lighten the mood around a very serious or tragic part that is hard for the audience to handle
Sonnet A poem with 14 lines using a formal rhyme scheme
antithesis A person or a thing that is the direct opposite of something else
Dramatic irony Words or actions informing the audience of something that the character does not know
What is the most responsible for the outcome of the play? (personal opinion) -The feud-Friar Laurence-Authorities
How does Shakespeare’s language elevate the discussion of love and or fate? um idrk
Which action of the play is considered the climax? why? Romeo killing Tybalt
Choose one scene to discuss as a great representative scene for the entire play oh shoot

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