Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare worksheets)

When was Shakespeare baptized? April 26, 1564
When did Shakespeare die? 1616
When was the Globe Theater built? 1599
Shakespeare and Richard Burbage built the ___________. Globe Theater
Shakespeare produced dramas from ______ to ______. 1590 to 1612
What are three types of plays Shakespeare produced? histories, comedies, and tragedies
Shakespeare was particularly noted for _______ and the introduction of ___________ into drama. sonnets and the introduction of blank verse into drama
The most famous of any love story ever written is attributed to __________. Romeo and Juliet
During Shakespeare’s day public theaters were built around ___________ and without ___________. built around roofless courtyards and without artificial light
When were performances in theaters given? during daylight hours
Where would the wealthier playgoers sit in the theater? on benches situated on 3 levels of galleries
What were less wealthy spectators called? groundlings
Where would the less wealthy playgoers sit in the theater? they stood in an area called the pit
Where were most of Shakespeare’s plays performed? the Globe theater
How many people could the Globe theater hold? between 2500 and 3000 people
___________ were considered Elizabethan popcorn and eaten during performances. Hazelnuts
The stage was a __________ that extended into the ______. platform; pit
What were galleries behind and above the stage primarily used as? dressing rooms and storage rooms
The famous balcony scene for Romeo and Juliet would have been enacted on the _____________. second level gallery above the stage
The theaters of Shakespeare’s day contained no _________. scenery
Actors wore __________ that was not considered costume. typical Elizabethan clothing
How long would plays usually last? 2 hours
_________ did not perform on stage. Women
Why would women not perform on stage? doing so would have been considered improper
Boys around the ages of ______________ performed _______ roles 11, 12, or 13; female roles
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37
What is Shakespeare’s hometown? Stratford-on-Avon
What is Stratford-on-Avon? a busy market town about 75 miles northwest of London
Shakespeare’s mother’s name was __________. Mary Arden
After marriage and children, William left his hometown for the city of _________ since theater was there. London
By 1594 Shakespeare was the principle playwright of _____________, a successful London theater company. Lord Chamberlin’s men
In 1599, Lord Chamberlin’s men built _________, where most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed the Globe
In 1603, Lord Chamberlin’s men (acting company) was renamed ___________ in honor of _________. the King’s Men in honor of King James I
who built the globe theater? Richard and Cuthbert Burbage
On what river was the Globe theater constructed? the Thames River
What was the shape of the Globe Theater? octagonal
why did no one sit more than 60 feet from the stage at the Globe Theater? so they could hear
what would indicate when a drama was scheduled for performance? a flag flying from the top of the Globe Theater
in what year did the Globe Theater burn to the ground? 1613
who closed the Globe Theater after it was rebuilt from being burned to the ground? what year? the Puritans in 1642
Because Shakespeare wrote plays to be performed, not published, no one knows ____________ Exactly when each play was written
When was Romeo and Juliet written? 1595
Romeo and Juliet was the inspiration for the musical ___________ West Side Story
When were Shakespeare’s plays finally published? In 1623, 7 years after his death
The Globe Theater was built by Richard and Cuthbert Burbage in ________. 1599
On what river was the Globe Theater constructed on? Thames River
What shape was the Globe Theater? Octagonal
No spectator sat more than _____ feet from the stage in the Globe Theater. (So they could hear) 60
Play were only performed during _______ hours. Daylight
______________ indicated when a drama was scheduled for performance. (Globe Theater) A flag flying from the top of the building.
The Globe Theater burned to the ground in ________. 1613
The Puritans closed all theaters, including the Globe Theater, in ________ 1642
The Globe Theater was demolished to make room for what? Tenements

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