Romeo and Juliet scenes iii, iv, and v

Scene iiiWho is Lady Capulet looking for at the beginning of scene 3? her daughter Juliet
What does the Nurse call Juliet? lamb, laydbird
Juliet’s not _. fourteen
A _ and odd days. fortnight
When will Juliet be 14? Lammas Eve at night
Where is Susan? with God
What has Lady Capulet come to talk to Juliet about? marriage
How does Juliet feel about marriage? “It is an honor that I dream not of”
ladies of _ esteem
Who seeks for Juliet’s love? Paris
Paris is a man of _ according to the Nurse. wax
Who enters while Juliet and her mother are talking about loving Paris? Servingman
scene ivScaring the ladies like a crowkeeper. (literary device) similie
Who says “Give me a torch. I am not for this ambling. Being heavy, I will bear the light.” Romeo
Romeo said he has a soul of what? lead
What does Romeo call love? rough, rude, boist’rous, and pricks like a thorn (simile)
Who says “If love be rough with you, be rough with love.” Mercutio
Who says “Come, knock and enter; and no sooner in but every man betake him to his legs” Benvolio
A _ for me- said Romeo torch
I dreamt a _ tonight.- said Romeo dream
Who else dreamt a dream besides Romeo? Mercutio
Who does Mercutio see? Queen Mab
How does Mercutio describe Queen Mab? She is the faires’ midwife, and she comes in shape no bigger than an agate stone on the forefinger of an alderman, drawn with a team of little atomies over men’s noses as they lie asleep.
The cover? the wings of grasshoppers
her traces? of the smallest spider web
collars? of the moonshine wat’ry beams
whip? of cricket’s bone
wagoner? a small grey-coated gnat
chariot? an empty hazelnut
lovers brains dream of? love
courtiers kness that dram on? curtsies straight
lawyers’ lips who straight on? kisses dream
Mab does what else? plats the manes of horses in the night and bakes the elflocks in foul sluttish hairs, which once untangled mich misfortune bodes.
Who says “Peace, Peace, Mercutio, peace! Thou talk’st of nothing.” Romeo
What are the children of an idle brain? dreams
_ fantasy vain
Who says “Strike, drum” Benvolio
scene vWHo is the 1st servingman lookng for? Poptan
How long has it been since Capulet and Second Capulet have been in a mask? 30 years
How many years does Capulet think it has been since they wore a mask? 25 years
Tybalt figures out that Romeo is a what? Montague
What does Capulet tell Tybalt to do? let him alone
Who says “It fits when such a villian is a guest. I’ll not endure him” Tybalt
To smooth that rought touch with a tender _ – said Romeo kiss
WHo says “For saints have hands that pilgrims hands do touch and palm is holy palmers kiss.” Juliet
What do Romeo and Juliet do twice? kiss
Who says “you kiss by th’ book” Juliet
Who says “Is she a Capulet? O dear sccount! My life is my foe’s debt.” Romeo
Who says “Away, be gone; the sport is at best” Benvolio
Who says “My grave is to be my wedding Bed” and what literary device is it. Juliet says this and it is foreshadowing, antithesis, and paradox
“My only love, sprung from my only hate!”- Juliet (Literary device) antithesis

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