romeo and Juliet scene 5-scene 2(act 2)

romeo and Juliet romeo and Juliet test 2
how long has the nurse been with the capulets since Juliet was born
what does ms capulet tell tell the nurse and juliet father is having a party and there will be a nice young man that sir capulet wants here to marry
what is the nurse comic character because she wont stop taking and interrupting
how does nurse call and talk to Juliet terms of affection and she is very loving towards her
what does lady capulet change her mind about she first wants the nurse to leave when she is going to tell Juliet something but she then realizes nurse is there for every private convo
how old is Juliet just about 17 (b-day in 2 weeks); b day on august 1st
who is susan the nurses daughter;juliet is about the same ag;but susan died
what does the nurse then do while she is talking goes on and talks about how she remembers the capulets being on a trip and Juliet was a toddler;remembers her husband that died
what does lady capulet tell nurse stop talking
what is the nurses one wish to live to see Juliet get married but Juliet hasn’t though about getting married yet
how old is lady capulet 28-29
what does lady capulet tell julilet paris seeks her love and to study him at the party
POS=veronas summer haths not such a flower metaphor; comparing paris-flower
how does lady capulet say how paris is perfect man of wax
who is the nurse servant, not educated,speaks in pros, loves juliet
how is juliets reaction towards paris very open minded
who is mercutio young noble man;realitive of prince of Verona; one of romeos best friends
what is mercutios personality mercurial-up and down; changes moods quickly’ does not have much self control
what is mercutio doing walking to party with romeo and benvolio
what is romeos feeling about going to the party hesitant but benvolio tells himthey wont be long they will have one dance
what does romeo say what he is going to do he isn’t going to dance but mercutio tells him he must dance
POS=being heavy,i will not dance but bear the light, so you can see paradox-hevy meaning sad light as in glow
POS=my soles are lead,but you have nimble souls pun-soul and sole are bith heavy
what does mercutio think how love is tender but romeo tells him it is hard
describe the party when they arrive at door dressed up;masks;romeo has bad feeling
why does romeo have a bad feeling q feels stars have something in store from him that will start at the party and not end till death
what kind of party is this masque-young people wear masks
why doesn’t romeo want to go in also he had a dream
what does mercutio think about dreamers makes fun of them and makes speech about queen mab
who is queen mab fairy that is always causing trouble
what si ledgend of queen mab if you misplaced something queen mab took it
describe queen mab driven around on carriage;empty hazelnut shell; driven by nat; pulled by atomies; wheel spokes are spider legs;regins are spided webs; covered with grass hopper wings; wip is cricket bone
what does romeo say about queen mab story is stupid and mercutio says just like your dream
while romeo and mercutio are fighting what is envolio doing wants to go in the party and get there in time
what are the first 15 line of scene 5 the servants are speaking
who are the servants looking for potpan and he is never around he just eats; servants are rushing around
what does lord capulet do at the party welcomes everyone and wants all ladys to get up and dance
how does lord capulet make sure every lady dances tells them they don’t have to dance if they have corns
what are lord capulets orders move furniture;food out;more light but its getting too hot
what doe romeo see another beautiful girl more than Rosaline;forgets about her; asks the servant who she is but he doesn’t know
who is Juliet dancing with knight with dark skin
how does romeo talkj about Juliet as light
POS= as a rich jewel in an ethiops ear as a rich jewel=simile ethiops ear=personification
—— means speaker is getting itterupted
what happens with tybalt he hears romeos voice–goes to lord capulet–knows he is a motugue and calls slave to get sword—capulet tells him to stop,dont kill him,calm down but tybalt wont let it go
why does tybalt think romeo is at the party to ruin it; has came to insult uncle and kill romeo–tybalt will end up fighting with romeo
what does lord capulet tell tybalt about romeo his reputation in Verona is excellent
how does romeo approach Juliet to dance with here as a pilgrim and Juliet is thye saint
what is the first 14 lines of romeo and juliets convo sonnet
what do Juliet and romeo do kiss 2 times
how does romeo find out who Juliet is asks nurse–tells him daughter of the house and who ever marries her will have much money-romeo is stunned
what is onomatopoeia use of word that sound imitates its menaing
how does nurse use onomatopoeia money=chink
how does Juliet find out who romeo is very sly; nurse finds out name is romeo and montugue
POS=my only love,sprung from my only hate paradox-the only person I love I cant
scene 1 act II begins with sonnet
POS= now old desire doth in his deathbed lie personification and metaphor
how do romeo and Juliet like eachother attracted by looks; must develop love in secret
without Juliet romeo is nothing and dull
what doe benvolio think romeo went to bed but mercutio knows he an out the backyard and is hiding in the trees
what is the dramatic and situational irony benvolio and mercutio think romeo is still in love with Rosaline
how does mercutio think he wil make romeo appear by talking about love and Rosaline but benvolio thibks it will make matters worse
what do benvolio and mercutio do after looking for romeo give up and go home to bed
what does romeo think about what mercutio said he has nerver felt wound of cupid like his
POS= it is the east and Juliet is the sun metaphor-comparing Juliet to sun
what does romeo say about the moon vs Juliet moon (Diana) is jealous of Juliet bc she is brighter and more beautiful
what is Diana goddess of hunting,chasity(young girls), moon
romeo describes Juliet as 1.shiny jewel 2.saint 3,tourch fire 4.sun
soliquiy one character is speaking alone and telling the truth
POS=-she speaks yet says nothing paradox- eyes tell everything
what does romeo say about juliets eyes so sparkly it is as if two stars in the sky asked her to shine for them-and if her eyes were in the sky it would seem like day
what is seem like day hyperbolye
vein menas useless

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