romeo and juliet scene 5

death of innocence one of three major themes in romeo and juliet
When is romeo’s death of innocence When he kills tybalt
Why does romeo kill tybalt tybalt killed mercutio, romeo is rash and acts before he thinks
when is juliet’s death of innocence when she goes against her father’s word by not marrying County Paris, and when she realizes she might never see romeo again
Fate vs. free will the second main theme
what is fate outside forces in which we have no control. i.e. Romeo does not recieve the letter because the plague detained friar john
what is free will when you act upon the circumstances. i.e. romeo says “I defy you stars” and goes to see if juliet is really dead.
what does romeo mean when he says “i defy you stars” he means that he is taking fate into his own hand
soliquoy “solo” a character adresses the audience without interfearance with the other characters. It reveals the character’s intermost thoughts and feelings. It also sets up dramatic irony
What is dramatic Irony is when the audience knows something that the other characters don’t. i.e. Aftertybalt’s death, Juliet is crying. Her mother thinks it’s because she is grieving for Tybalt, but the audience knows that she is crying because romeo has been exiled.
What does Shakespeare use his language for In order to get the mood, tone and setting across.
Blank verse no rhyme but definite rythm- iambic pentameter
iambic pentameter a series of five stressed and unstresses sylables i.e. Thou art ban-ish-ed
Youth vs Age The third major theme in romeo and juliet
Youth Romeo and Juliet. dont wish to engage in feud with the two families, optimistic. symbolizes open mindedness
Age Lord Capulet and Montague, harsh, dont want to feud to end. symbolizes close mindedness
Act of Catastrophe tragedy, the hero and heroin both die in the fifth act
Act of resolution prince brings about peace through the death of innocence (romeo and juliet)
moment of final suspense when romeo enters the tomb and begins to speak about the beauty of juliet even though she is dead. The audience is begging for juliet to open her eyes so the play can have that “:fairy tale ending”
aside when other characters are present when a character is revealing thier intermost thoughts. The other characters cant hear though
tragic flaw the free will of the characters, their flaw throughout the story i.e. Romeo’s rashness caused him to kill Tybalt, himself, and fall for juliet at first sight.