Romeo and Juliet Scene 1

Adjectives to describe Romeo Dramatic, affectionate, loving
Adjectives to describe Juliet Young, wealthy, loving
Adjectives to describe Tybalt Fiery, violent, short-tempered
Adjectives to describe Mercutio Juvenile, jokester, immature
Adjectives to describe Benvolio Practical, peacemaker, trustworthy
Adjectives to describe Prince Escalus Powerful, fair, firm
Who is Queen Mab Queen Mab is the fictional fairy character described by Mercutio who gives people dreams
Who is Romeo? One of the protagonists, from the family of Montague. He is a romantic and falls in love easily.
Who is Juliet? She is from the family of Capulet. She is 13 years old, and expected to get married to Paris. She falls in love with Romeo at first sight at the dance.
What is the nurse’s relationship to Juliet? She nursed Juliet as a child. Juliet is closer to the nurse than her mother because the nurse most likely raised her more than her mother did.
When do Romeo and Juliet fall in love? At Capulet’s masked dance that Romeo snuck into
Who is Rosaline, and what is the conflict caused by her? At the beginning of the play, Romeo is madly in love with Rosaline and believes he will never be in love with anyone other than her. She has sworn to never get married so Romeo can’t be with her.
What is the punishment if people in the street start fighting again? They would be punished by death
Who are the two feuding families? The Montagues and the Capulets
Rules of a sonnet 1. 14 lines2. 10 syllables a line3. Rhyming scheme4. Turning point5. Iambic pentameter
What is the rhyming scheme of a sonnet A,B,A,B,C,D,C,D,E,F,E,F,G,G