Romeo and Juliet Scene 1

Who is Sampson and Gregory Capulet servants who want to start a fight with the Montague servants
Where is the setting of scene 1 a public place called Verona
How did Sampson and Gregory feel about the Montagues they hated them, felt they had a better leader, wanted to have sex with the Montague women, and wanted to physically punish the Montague men
What led to the fight between the capulets and montagues Sampson bite his thumb at the montague servants, equal to sticking up the middle finger
Why did Sampson and Gregory not want to start the fight The prince made it law that fighting would result in being executed
What family does Benvolio and Tybalt belong to? Benvolio is the nephew of Montague, Romeo’s cousin. Tybalt is a Capulet
How do Benvolio and Tybalt differ in scene 1? Benvolio draws his sword to try to break up the fight. Tybalt draws his sword and wants to express his hatred of peace by continuing the fight.
What prevents the leaders Capulet and Montague from attacking each other? Their wives hold them back
What causes the fight to end? Prince Escalus commands them to put their weapons down
What punishment did the Prince declare as the penalty for fighting Anyone who fought again would be tortured and receive the death penalty
What question does Lady Monague have for Benvolio Have you seen my son Romeo?
What is Benvolio’s response to if he has seen Romeo? Romeo was walking the groves of a sycamore, looking sad and troubled so he left him alone.
What concerns the Montagues about Romeo in scene 1? Romeo is looking and feeling sad but no one knows why.
Describe Romeo’s behavior in scene 1? Romeo is acting depressed, locks himself in his room often, and is isolated from everyone.
What conversation occurs between Romeo and Benvolio at the end of scene 1? Romeo tells Benvolio he is in love with Rosaline, but she has sworn to chasity and does not love him back. Benvolio says there are other beautiful women and tells Romeo to forget about her.
What is Romeo’s reason for not getting about Rosaline? Romeo says love can not be forgotten
What is the significance of the servants in scene 1? The use of the servants shows the hatred is not just the elite or powerful people, those low in power also hate the other group
What theme is illustrated from the brawl in scene 1 Hatred, Masculine honor,
How is Romeo portrayed in scene 1? As a love sick, petrarchan teenager. Romeo “the lover”
What character is the mystery in scene 1? Rosaline, who Romeo loves.