Romeo and Juliet – Romeo Quotes

Romeo – Risktaker Act 2 Scene 2 – Romeo climbs the wall into enemies house “Stony limits cannot hold love out”
Romeo – Romantic Act 2 Scene 2 – Romeo sees Juliet at the balcony “Is it the east and Juliet is the sun?” – Suggesting she is beautiful
Romeo – Passionate Act 5 Scene 3 – Romeo dies for Juliet yet he met her few days ago ” Thy drugs are quick, thus with a kiss i die”
Romeo – Fickle Act 2 Scene 3 – Romeo goes to Friar to marry him and Juliet, yet Friar questions his love to Roselline, Romeo replies “I have forgot the name” He was in love with Roselline 24hrs ago.
Romeo – Impulsive Act 3 Scene 1 – Romeo doesnt think about the consequences of killing Tybalt. “Either I or thou, or both must go with him”

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