Romeo and Juliet Quotes Act 4 and 5

For Venus smiled not in a house of tears. Paris
You say you do not know the lady’s mind. Uneven is the course; I like it not. Friar Laurence
Which, too much minded by herself alone, May be put from her by society. Paris
That may be, sir, when I may be a wife. Juliet
I will confess to you that I love him. Juliet
The tears have got a small victory by that, For it was bad enough before their spite. Juliet
Thy face is mine, and thou hast slandered it. Paris
If in thy wisdom thou canst give no help, Do thou but call my resolution wise Juliet
And ere this hand, by thee to Romeo’s sealed, Shall label to another deed, Or my true heart with treacherous revolt Turn to another, this shall slay them both. Juliet
If, rather than to marry County Paris, thou hast the strength of will to sly thyself… Friar Lawrence
Where the serpents are; chain me with the roaring bears, Or shut me nightly in a charnel house, Juliet
Tomorrow night look that thou lie alone; let not the nurse lie with thee in thy chamber. Friar Lawrence
A cold and drowsy humor, but surcease; no warmth, no breath, shall testify thou livest Friar Lawrence
Thou shalt be borne to that same ancient vault Where the kindred Capulets lie. Friar Lawrence
You shall have none ill, sir; for I’ll try if they can lick their fingers. Capulet
Well, he may chance to do some good on her. A peevish self-willed harlotry she is. Capulet
To beg your pardon. Pardon, I beseech you! Juliet
Now, afore God, this reverend holy friar, All our whole city is much bound to him. Capulet
I’ll play the housewife for this once. What, ho! Capulet
No madam; we have culled such necessaries As are behooven for our state tomorrow. Juliet
My dismal scene I needs must act alone. Juliet
O lamentable day! Nurse
Her blood is settled, and her joints are stiff; Life and these lips have long been separated. Capulet
Death lies on her like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field. Capulet
Come, is the bride ready to go to church? Friar Lawrence
Flower she was, deflowered by him. Death is my son-in-law, Death is my heir; Capulet
Beguiled, divorced, wronged, spited, slain! Most detestable Death, by thee beguiled, Paris
Confusion’s cure lives not In these confusions. Heaven and yourself Had part in this fair maid! Friar Laurence
Our instruments to melancholy bells,Our wedding cheer to a sad burial feast;Our solemn hymns to sullen dirges change; Capulet
For though fond nature bids us all lament, yet nature’s tears are reason’s merriment. Friar Lawrence
The heavens do lower upon you for some ill; move them no more by crossing high will. Friar Lawrence
Musicians oh musicians, “Heart’s ease, heart’s ease.” Oh an you will have me live, play “Heart’s ease.” Peter
Oh, play me some merry dump, to comfort me. Peter
I will drybeat you with an iron wit, and out up my iron dagger. Peter
My bosom’s lord sits lightly in his throne, Romeo
I dreamt my lady came and found me dead Romeo
Then I defy you stars! Romeo
Her body sleeps in Capel’s monument, And her immortal part with angels lives. Balthasar
To enter the thoughts of desperate men! I do remember an apothecary, Romeo
“An if a man did need poison now Whose sale is present death in Mantua, Here lives a caitiff wretch would sell it to him.” Romeo
A dram do poison, such a soon-speeding gear As will disperse itself through all the veins That the life-weary taker may fall dead Romeo
Such mortal drugs I have; but Mantua’s law Is death to any he that utters them. Apothecary
I am almost afraid to stand alone Here in the churchyard; yet i will adventure Page
But chiefly to rake thence from her dead finger a precious ring–a ring that I must use in dear employment Therefore hence, be gone. Romeo
The obsequies and true love’s rite? What, with a torch? Muffle me, night, awhile. Paris
For all this same, I’ll hide me here about. His looks I fear, and his intents I doubt. Balthasar
How oft when men are at the point of death Have they been merry! which their keepers call A lightning before death. O, how may I call this a lightning. Romeo

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