Romeo and Juliet Quotes

“Part, fools! / Put up your swords. You know not what you do.” 1.1.64-65 BenvolioSignificance: Benvolio does not want them to fight and tells them they are foolish for doing so
“I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword / or manage it to part these men with me.” 1.1.68-69 Benvolio Significance: This shows us his character: He is a peacemaker/peacekeeper
Tells Romeo that there are other girls to love and he will show Romeo how to forget the other woman and move on Benvolio
Wants to marry Capulet’s daughter (Juliet) Count Paris
“These times of woe afford no times to woo… command me to thy daughter.” 3.4.8-9 Count Paris Significance: He wants to court (date) Juliet but is respectful of her and knows it is not a good time
“The obsequies that I for thee weep / Nightly shall be to stew thy grave and weep.” 5.3.16-17 Count Paris Significance: He will bring flowers to her grave every night and weep over her. This is appropriate behavior for someone who lost a loved one. Maybe he really did love her?
“Condemnèd villain, I do apprehend thee. / Obey and go with me, for thou must die.” 5.3.56-57 Count Paris Significance: He is carrying out the Prince’s decree that if Romeo is found in Verona, he must die Romeo refuses to be apprehended, he and Paris fight and Romeo kills Paris
He knows about plants and their medicinal properties Count Paris
“Two such opposed kings encamp them still / in man as well as herbs – grace and rule will; / and where the worser is predominant, / Full soon the canker death eats up that plant.” 2.3.27-28 Friar Lawrence Significance: Men just like plants have potential is stronger, that soon takes over. This reminds us all that the desires for both good and evil are in us. (which will you choose? Which will the characters choose?)
He knows about Romeo’s feelings for Rosaline, which means Romeo trusts him and confides in him Friar Lawrence
“For this alliance may so happy prove / to turn you households’ rancor to pure love.” 2.3.91-92 Friar Lawrence Significance: He hopes that the marriage will bring about peace in the families, so he consents to perform it.
“Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.” 2.3.94 Friar LawrenceSignificance: He cautions Romeo not to move too quickly and to slow down and make wise decisions
“These violent delights have violent ends.” 2.6.9? Friar Lawrence Significance: Things that begin quickly often end quickly. It is … ??????????????????
3.3 Comes up with a plan for Romeo … He will live in Mantua and wait until they can make their marriage official, reconcile his friends, beg the prince’s pardon, and have him return home joyfully Friar Lawrence
“A greater power than we can contradict / Hath thwarted our intents.” 5.3.153-154 Significance: Fate has intervened and changed their plans
4.5 He scolds the Capulets for only seeking social status for Juliet Friar Lawrence
He says that Juliet’s death may be a punishment from the Heavens as a consequence of their feuding or maybe not loving Juliet enough Friar Lawrence
5.2 He finds out that the letters to Romeo never got to Mantua. He realizes that he must go to Juliet’s tomb without Romeo and hide her in the church. Friar Lawrence
He tells everyone the entire storyline so they finally know about Romeo and Juliet Friar Lawrence
“My only love, sprung from my own hate! / Too early seen known, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me / That I must love a loathed enemy.” 1.5.140-143 JulietSignificance: She realizes that she fell in love with Romeo, her family’s enemy, before knowing who he was and how it is too late to back away because she loves him
“I’ll look to like, if looking liking move; / But no more deep will I endart mine eyes / Than your consent gives strength to move it fly.” 1.3.97-99 Juliet Significance: She is an obedient daughter, and she will not step over the boundary of what is proper or the boundary of her mother’s consent
“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore are thou Romeo? / Deny thy father and refuse thy name ; / Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn by thy love, / and I’ll refuse no longer be a Capulet.” 2.2.33-36 Juliet Significance: She is upset that they are enemies, and asks him to either turn his back in his family or, if he promises to always be with her, she will turn her back on her family
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” 2.2.43-44 Juliet Significance: She believes that a name does not define someone. She would love him and he would still be just as wonderful no matter his name.
She refers to Romeo as the “god of [her] idolatry. That is pretty extreme, considering what she said to her mother about Paris and marriage Juliet
She is willing, if Romeo is, to run off and marry him tomorrow! That shows an impulsive nature in her. Juliet
3.2 She first believes that both Romeo and Tybalt are dead. Then she claims that news of Romeo’s banishment is worse than if he were dead. She will kill herself if she cannot be with him. Juliet
3.5 She has a premonition that she may never see Romeo again Juliet
3.5 Her mother tells her that she will marry Paris in 3 days and Juliet becomes hysterical. She is no longer the obedient, submissive daughter. She also wonders why they have agreed to give Paris her hand without any sort of courtship Juliet
3.5 The nurse has betrayed her by telling her to forget Romeo, so she will no longer confide in / trust Nurse Juliet
“I’ll to the Friar to know his remedy. / If all else fail, myself have power to die.” 3.5.243-244 JulietSignificance: If Friar cannot help her avoid marrying Paris, she will taken her own life
4.1 Rather than marry Paris, she would prefer to jump off a high wall, live with shakes, be chained with bears, hide in a tomb (see lines 77-88) Juliet
The plan: Friar will make her a potion that will mimic death. The symptoms will be no discernable pulse, no visible breathing, no color in her lips or cheeks, no movement. She will come to wake her and take her to Mantua Juliet
4.2 She returns home and asks her father for forgiveness. Is she sincere? What is her motivation? Juliet
4.3 She is fearful that either the potion will not work and she will have to marry Paris, or that the Friar has actually mixed poison into it that will kill her, or that she will wake in the tomb before Romeo arrives and be scared of the dead bodies around her Juliet
“O happy dagger! / This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die.” 5.3.169-170 Juliet Significance: Juliet’s death speech … she won’t go on without Romeo, so she takes his dagger and stabs herself
She equates love and reasons for marriage with money, looks, and status, which shows she is shallow and materialistic Lady Capulet
3.5 She is bitter about Tybalt’s death and plans to send someone to prison Romeo Lady Capulet
“I would the fool were married to her grave!” 3.5.141 Lady Capulet Significance: She’d rather see Juliet dead than refusing to marry Paris
“Talk not to me, for I’ll not speak a word. / Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee.” 3.5.204-205 Lady Capulet Significance: Since Juliet has chosen not to marry Paris, her mother is done with her / disowns her
“My child, my only life! / Revive, look up, or I will de with thee!” 4.5.19-20 Lady Capulet Significance: Now that she is “dead,” Lady Capulet feels remorse. (However, she apparently felt no remorse over disowning her the day before).
“But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart; / My will to her is consent is but a part.” 1.2.16-17 Lord Capulet Significance: He cares enough about his daughter to want her heart involved in her future marriage; she has a say in it
3.4 To try and pull Juliet out of her mourning, he tells Paris he can marry Juliet in 3 days and that he knows Juliet will obey his will in this decision Lord Capulet
3.5 He will disown her if she does not marry Paris on Thursday Lord Capulet
“Wife, we scarce thought us blest / That God had lent us but this only child; / But now I see this she is one too much, / And that we have a curse in having her.” 3.5.165-169 Lord Capulet Significance: Since Juliet will not obey him, he feels that she is a curse to him. (Does he only love her if she obeys?)
“My heart is wondrous light / Since this same wayward girl is so reclaimed.” 4.2.46-47 Lord Capulet Significance: He is able to love her again now that she is being obedient to his will
“Death lies on her like an untimely frost / upon the sweetest flower of all the the field.” 4.5.28-29 Lord Capulet Significance: Now that she is “dead,” he acknowledges his love and admiration for her.
5.3 Finally makes peace with Montagues and ends the feuding Lord Capulet
2.4 He teases the nurse and makes fun of her partly to lighten the mood between himself, Romeo, and Benvolio. He doesn’t seem to care much about other people’s feelings. Mercutio
3.1 He is teasing Tybalt, and they end up sword-fighting. Romeo gets in the way and Tybalt stabs and kills Mercutio Mercutio Significance: He curses the Montagues and the Capulets because their feud has caused his death
She has a daughter Juliet’s age who dies. She is more of a mother to Juliet than Lady Capulet is. Nurse
2.4 She knows of Romeo and Juliet’s feelings for each other. Juliet trusts her and confides in her Nurse
3.5 Juliet turns to her for comfort and advice, and the Nurse tells her to marry Paris and forget Romeo, thus severing Juliet’s trust in her Nurse
“If ever you disturb our streets again, / your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace.” 1.1.97-98 Prince Escalus Significance: He is fed up with the feuding and hands down a severe punishment (death if they fight again)
“Let Romeo hence in haste, / Else, when he is found that hour is his last.” 3.1.196-197 Prince Escalus Significance: Prince exiles / banishes Romeo from Verona for killing Tybalt. This is a lenient punishment since Prince will not pursue Romeo and kill him, as long as he stays out of Verona
3.1 Because his relative was killed, he will show no mercy to anyone Prince Escalus
“See what a scourge is laid upon your hate, / That Heaven finds means to kill you joys with love, / And I, for winking at your discords too, / Have lost a brace of kinsmen. All are punished.” 5.3.292-295 Prince Escalus Significance: He scolds them again for their feud, which has caused deaths of their children. He also admits he should have put a stop to the feuding much sooner, before so many lives were lost.
“A glooming peace this morning with it brings. / The sun for sorrow will not show his head. Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things; / For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” 5.3.305-310 Prince Escalus Significance: ??????????
“Is she a Capulet? / O dear account! My life is my foe’s debt.” 1.5.119-120 Romeo Significance: He realizes that his life now belongs to his enemy (Capulet) because he is in-love with Juliet and didn’t know who she was before falling for her
He claims love is wonderful and horrible at the same time Romeo
He is in-love with a woman who does not love him back; she has taken a vow of chastity Romeo
The fact that he loves a woman who doesn’t love him back makes him depressed, moody, and anti-social Romeo
He is in love with her looks. This shows shallowness in him Romeo
1.2 He is in-love with a woman named Rosaline Romeo
“For my mind misgives / some consequence yet hanging in the stars / shall bitterly begins his fearful date / with this night’s revels and expire the term . if a despised life, closed in my breast, / By some vile forfeit of untimely death.” 1.4.106-111 Romeo Significance: Romeo has a premonition that something will begin tonight that will lead to his untimely death
“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! / For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” 1.5.54-55 RomeoSignificance: ????
“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? / It is the east and Juliet is the sun! 2.2.2-3 Romeo Significance: Juliet is now the center (the light) of his life
“My life were better ended by their hate / Than death prorogued, wanting thy love.” 2.2.77-78 Romeo Significance: He would rather die than live without Juliet. This is foreshadowing his death.
3.1 He will not fight Tybalt. He has a reason to love him (they are cousins by marriage now), but he cannot reveal it yet Romeo
3.1 After Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge Romeo
“O, I am fortune’s fool!” 3.1.138 Romeo Significance: He has reacted impulsively in killing Tybalt and has now ruined any happiness he could have had with Juliet
3.1 He is exiled / banished for killing Tybalt Romeo
3.3 He believes that banishment is worse than death and would rather kill himself than live without Juliet Romeo
3.5 He doesn’t want to leave Juliet but knows he must leave and go to Mantua if he is to live Romeo
“There is thy gold-worse poison to men’s souls, / Doing more murder in this loathsome world, Than these poor compounds that thou mayst not sell.” 5.1.80-83 Romeo Significance: Gold is more poisonous to people’s souls than anything else. It can corrupt people, and people will often do anything for money / gold
5.3 When Paris tries to apprehend him, he tells Paris to leave him alone. Paris won’t, so Romeo draws his sword and they fight. He kills Paris without knowing who he was Romeo
“O my love, my wife! / Death that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, / Hath had no power yet ensign yet / is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks, / and death pale flag is not advanced there.” 5.3.91-96 Romeo Significance: Juliet’s color is returning, which the audience knows means she is coming out of the coma. Romeo just thinks death has not yet stolen her beauty and color
“Eyes, look your last! / Arms, take your last embrace! And, lips, O you / The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss / A dateless bargain to engrossing death!” 5.3.112-115″Here’s to my love! O true apothecary! / Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.” 5.3.119-120 RomeoSignificance: Romeo’s death speech… he says his final goodbye to Juliet, drinks the poison, and dies
“What, drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word / as I hate hell, all Montagues and thee.” 1.1.70-71 Tybalt Significance: This shows us his character: He loves to fight and is full of hatred for the Montagues
“I will withdraw; but this intrusion shall, / Now seeming sweet, convert to bitt’rest gall.” 1.5.93-94 Tybalt Significance: He will back away for now but won’t let Romeo get away with crashing the party. He will get revenge
2.4 Mercutio speaks of Tybalt’s skill with a sword and doesn’t think anyone is able to challenge him Tybalt
“Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford / No better term than this: thou art a villain.” 3.1.61-62 TybaltSignificance: He hates Romeo and says that he is an idiot
3.1 He comes to fight Romeo, but Romeo will not fight. Mercutio baits him, so they begin to fight. Tybalt ends up killing Mercutio. Romeo then reacts with anger and vengeance and kills Tybalt Tybalt
Give a summary of Act 1 Scene 1 1.1 Scene 1 starts with 2 servants arguing, and then Tybalt and Benvolio get into a fight, and eventually, the fight was broken up. The Prince told everyone that if anyone were to fight in the streets again, they would face death. Later, Romeo was sad about love and, and Rosaline, but Benvolio urges him to forget about her and to move on
Give a summary of Act 1 Scene 2 1.2 Paris wants to marry Juliet, but Capulet thinks that she is too young, but thinks that he’s a good man for his daughter. Meanwhile, Romeo and Benvolio argue about Rosaline, and Romeo plants to crash Capulet’s party
Give a summary of Act 1 Scene 3 1.3 Lady Capulet, Nurse, and Juliet talk about marriage, and how esteemed young ladies at Juliet’s age should be marries to noble, respectful men
Give a summary of Act 1 Scene 4 1.4 Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio are talking about the dance, and Mercutio tries to convince Romeo to not give up on love.
Give a summary of Act 1 Scene 5 1.5 They’re at the party, and Romeo sees Juliet for the first time and thinks she is pretty. He kisses her, and then leaves because he finds out sh’s the enemy’s daughter. Juliet finds out Romeo is the enemy’s son
Give a summary of Act 2 Scene 1 2.1 Romeo left the party, but he wanted to go back to Juliet. Mercutio was trying to get Romeo to defend Rosaline, and to come out of hiding, but Romeo never did
Give a summary of Act 2 Scene 2 2.2 Romeo went to Juliet;s “tower” and listened to her, even though she didn’t know he was there. They both agreed to marry each other, but they both hope each other won’t leave each other
Give a summary of Act 2 Scene 3 2.3 Romeo went to Friar Lawrence to see if he would marry him and Juliet. Friar told Romeo that he was going too fast but agrees to marry them
Give a summary of Act 2 Scene 4 2.4 Romeo and Mercutio were in town when Juliet’s nurse went to tell Romeo news from Juliet. Before the nurse arrived, they all had heard that Tybalt challenged Romeo to a sword fight (expecting him to die.)
Give a summary of Act 2 Scene 5 2.5 They nurse came back to where Juliet was, and took a while for her to deliver the news. She finally tells her about Romeo, and where to meet him
Give a summary of Act 2 Scene 6 2.6 Juliet went to the church to meet Romeo, and they married each other
Give a summary of Act 3 Scene 1 3.1 Tybalt and Mercutio fight, and when Tybalt was about to kill Mercutio, Romeo tries stopping him, but it didn’t work, and Tybalt kills Mercutio. For revenge, Romeo kills Tybalt
Give a summary of Act 3 Scene 2 3.2 The nurse comes to Juliet and brings her bad news. At first, Juliet thinks that Romeo is dead, and then finds out that he’s alive, but killed Tybalt. Juliet wants to kill herself when she finds out that Romeo is banished
Give a summary of Act 3 Scene 3 3.3 Romeo was weeping because he didn’t know how Juliet was doing because he killed her cousin. He was also probably weeping because they banned him from Verona. Friar gave Romeo a speech about how he should stop crying and be a man
Give a summary of Act 3 Scene 4 3.4 Count Paris was talking to Capulet about marrying Juliet. Capulet told him to woo her and to plan on marrying her on Thursday
Give a summary of Act 3 Scene 5 3.5 Romeo was banished to Mantua after he kills Tybalt, and he has to tell Juliet. Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris, so she goes to Friar to try and stop it
Give a summary of Act 4 Scene 1 4.1 Juliet did not want to marry Paris, at all. Friar and Juliet decided that she must drink a potion to make it appear as if she was dead. He wanted her to deceive her family
Give a summary of Act 4 Scene 2 4.2 Juliet comes to confess / deceive her father and tell him that she was sorry. They move the wedding to Wednesday!
Give a summary of Act 4 Scene 3 4.3 Juliet was telling her mother not to send the nurse to her room because she needed to drink the potion, even though she told her mother she needed to pray. he was alone and wondering if she was really going to die
Give a summary of Act 4 Scene 4 4.4 They were excited and preparing for the wedding
Give a summary of Act 4 Scene 5 4.5 The people all thought that Juliet had died, but she was in he coma, that the potion gave her, and everyone was depressed and mourning
Give a summary of Act 5 Scene 1 5.1 Balthasar gave Romeo the news that Juliet was dead (even though she wasn’t). Romeo bought a deadly potion so that he could kill himself
Give a summary of Act 5 Scene 2 5.2 Friar came to Mantua to tell Romeo that Juliet would awaken soon. He was talking to Friar John. They quarantined Friar John, and Friar Lawrence had to get the important letter to Romeo
Give a summary of Act 5 Scene 3 5.3 First, Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead, and so he tries to go to her grave, but he ends up killing Paris when they fight. When he finds out that Juliet is dead, he kills himself, not knowing that she was only in a coma. When Juliet finds out that Romeo is dead, she kills herself with a dagger. The Monatgues and Capulets end their feuding
Character Trait / Scene 2 Act 3 Juliet is impatient
1.5.54-55 He believes in fate / destiny Romeo
2.4 He is a “jokester” and makes fun of the nurse Mercutio
3.3 They are both selfish by thinking that it’d be easier to die than live without each other Romeo and Juliet
1.2 Not being loved back makes ___________ depressed, moody, and anti-social Romeo
1.5.140-143 __________ realizes that she fell in-love with Romeo too quickly; before she actually “knew” who he was Juliet
1.1.64-65 ____________ is a peacemaker Benvolio
3.4.8-9 Although Juliet didn’t want to marry him, ________ was respectful towards her Count Paris
3.5.141 _____________________ wanted Juliet to marry Paris, and because she wouldn’t do so, she disowned Juliet. She was crude and bitter Lady Capulet
3.5 If Juliet wouldn’t marry Paris, ________________ would disown her, which makes him a bad father, and a bitter person Lord Capulet
2.3.91-92 _____________________ hoped that the marriage would bring peace amongst the families which makes him kind of a peace maker. Friar Lawrence
The __________ was more of a mother to Juliet than Lady Capulet. Nurse
Selfishness vs. Selfishness At the end of the play, it was selfish of Romeo and Juliet to take their own lives. They probably didn’t think about how it would affect others. However, selfishness was still shown throughout the play: When Romeo rushed Juliet into marriage, when he betrayed his family, the feud between the Capulet’s and the Montagues, when Juliet was threatening to kill herself, etc…
True love vs. infatuation This was shown many times in the play! At first, Romeo was in-love with Rosaline and her beauty, until he met Juliet and everything changed. Especially when Romeo and Juliet met each other, they said that it was “love at first sight,” which is infatuation! They both got married in less than a day. True love was shown when Romeo and Juliet really did love each other. They were willing to die for each other
Revenge / Vengeance vs. Justice Revenge was shown in the play when Tybalt was coming after Romeo because Romeo was in-love with Juliet, and Tybalt knew about it. Justice was shown when Romeo killed Tybalt, even though he wanted to keep the peace. Justice was also shown when Benvolio desperately wanted to keep the peace, even though he killed no one
Disobeying one’s parents vs. Honoring one’s parents Juliet’s parents were awful. They wanted what was best for her, with marrying Paris, but they wouldn’t listen to Juliet, and they just wanted to keep the wealth in the family. Juliet disobeyed them throughout the play, but honored them at the beginning even when she said she’d check Paris out
Fighting vs. Loving (Treatment of others / neighbors) A lot of fighting / killing happened in the play, but so did a lot of love. Yeah, Romeo and Juliet loved each other, but there needed to be more love between the Montagues and the Capulets – less killing and hatred!
Wisdom vs. Foolishness At the beginning of the play, the prince stated that whoever would fight in the streets again would be punished. Romeo was a fool and fought in the streets, even though he was only banished. However, Benvolio was wise when he always wanted to keep the peace
Romeo Son to Montague – know the basic information about him
Juliet Daughter to Capulets – know the basic information
Capulet Head of the household; Juliet’s father – know the basic information
Lady Capulet Wife to Capulet; Juliet’s mother – know the basic information
Tybalt Nephew to Lady Capulet; Juliet’s cousin – know the basic information
Nurse nurse / nanny to Julet – know the basic information
Sampson servent to Capulet
Gregory servant to Capulet
Peter servant to Juliet’s nurse
Montague Head of the household; Romeo’s father – know the basic information
Lady Montague wife to Montague – know the basic information
Benvolio Nephew to Montague, and friend to Romeo – know the basic information
Balthasar Servant to Romeo
Abraham Servant to Montague
Prince Escalus prince / ruler of Verona
Count Paris A young nobleman who is related to the prince – know the basic information
Mercutio Kinsman to the prince, and friend to Romeo: associated with the Montagues.. ? – know the basic information
Friar Laurence Franciscan priest / monk – know the basic information
Friar John Another Franciscan priest / monk
An Apothecary One who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes
Three musicians They were musicians… duhh
Page to Count Paris young servant boy
Another Page This was a page
An officer This was an officer
Citizens of Verona Maskers, guards, watchmen, attendants, chorus

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