Romeo and Juliet Quiz: Act 1

Prologue:Where is the play set? Verona Italy
Prologue:What problem exists in the city? Their parents do not want Romeo and Juliet together.
Act 1 Scene 1Sampson and Gregory, servants to the Capulets, are bragging, bulgar mouthed men who engage in word games. What bawdy comment does Sampson make? Ay the heads of the maids, or their
Act 1 Scene 1What is there about the talk and actual actions of Gregory and Sampson which suggest that they are not as brave and tough as they pretend? Give an example of their actions that contradict their talk. “Biting their thumb” is a rude gesture and they said they would do it but they did not really do this rude gesture.
Act 1 Scene 1Who is Benvolio and what does he attempt to do? He tries to end the fight.
Act 1 Scene 1How does Tybalt, a Capulet, misinterpret Benvolio’s actions? What does Tybalt say to him? He tried ot stop the fighting Tybalt says “What art thug drawn among there heartless minds. Turn thy Benvolio to death.”
Act 1 Scene 1Why is Tybalt considered hot tempered? He want to always fight.
Act 1 Scene 1What does Lady Capulet say about Lord Capulet age and condition? She said he was too old to fight. She said he needed a crutch to help him walk.
Act 1 Scene 1What do you suppose prompts Lady Montague to hold her husband back from the fight? He is in not good physical condition.
Act 1 Scene 1The Prince appears and he is angry. Why is he angry and what is the promise and threat he makes? He is angry because he wants the fighting to end. He says that if anyone breaks into fight, they will be killed.
Act 1 Scene 1Lady Montague, glad that Romeo has misses the flight, asks Benvolio if he has seen Romeo. What is Benvolio response? He saw Romeo in the morning and then went the other way of Benvolio and Benvolio did not want to disturb him.
Act 1 Scene 1At this point was is Lady Montague worried about? She is worried about where Romeo is because Romeo is her son.
Act 1 Scene 1Romeo enters the room and tells Benvolio the problem. What is the problem? He is in love, but the love is not returned.
Act 1 Scene 1What is Benvolio response? ” No coz, I rather weep.”
Act 1 Scene 1Although both are saddened by unrequited love, what joke are they able to make? “Tut! I have lost myself, I am not here. This is not Romeo, he’s some other well.”
Act 1 Scene 1What is the nature of Romeo’s desire toward Rosaline? According to the tradition of courtly love, how is Romeo expected to respond to her rejection? Forget her and find someone different
Act 1 Scene 1What practical advice does Benvolio give Romeo? Find Another girl
Act 1 Scene 2After some small talk, Paris gets to the point of his visit. What does he ask of Lord Capulet? If he can marry Juliet.
Act 1 Scene 2What is Capulet response? Juliet is too young.
Act 1 Scene 2Paris responds that girls younger than she have been married. What is Capulet;s response to this? That Paris can try to win her heart over at the banquet.
Act 1 Scene 2What suggestion and invitation does Capulet make to Paris? That she can try to “woo” over Juliet at the banquet and find other girls at the feast.
Act 1 Scene 2Romeo, lamenting his unrequited love, is approached by the illiterate servingman. In reading his list he finds that Rosaline, his love, is going to attend the Capulet party, What suggestion does Benvolio give? To compare girls at the feast compared to Rosaline.
Act 1 Scene 2When romeo responds that she is the most beautiful women since time began, What is Benvolio response? That he should still go and find other girls other then Rosaline.
Act 1 Scene 3The Nurse quotes a vulgar remark that her husband made to the young Juliet and then likes it so much that she repeats it. What do the Nurse’s indecent remarks in front of the family indicated about her relationship? That she was trying to be funny, but it was tacked the wrong way. They have a very close relationship.
Act 1 Scene 3What does Juliet’s mother tell Juliet? All the fine qualities of Paris and why she should wed him.
Act 1 Scene 3What is Juliet’s response? She gives in and goes to the banquet.
Act 1 Scene 4Why does Romeo say he won’t be able to dance? He won’t be able to dance because he is holding the torch.
Act 1 Scene 4How do these Montagues expect to be able to enter the Capulet house? Were masks to disguise themselves as Montagues.
Act 1 Scene 4Romeo seems to believe that our dreams have something to do with our lives, perhaps, dreams act as a presentiment or omen. What is Mercutio’s opinion of dreams? He does not care but wants to hear himself “talk.”
Act 1 Scene 4How does Mercution end this conversation? Rambles on about his speech, Romeo tells him to stop and Mercurtio says that it is just a “foolish fantasy.”
Act 1 Scene 4 What is Romeo misgive and what does the line “some consequences, yet hanging in the stars” have to do with his feeling dread? He misgives that he is still worried about his dream and believes that it is a bad omen. “Some consequence laying in the stars” means that there are still problems he just does not want to lay them off.
Act 1 Scene 5Lord Capulet and a relative stand, unmasked, on one side of the room. Romeo masked, standing on the other side, asks the servingman who Juliet is. How does Romeo describe the girl, and what does he conclude? “O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hands upon the cheek of nightLike a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear;Beauty to rich for use, for earth too dear!So shows a snowy dove trooping with crowsAs yonder lady o’er her fellows showsThe measure done, I’ll watch her place of standAnd, touching hers, make blessed my rude handDid my heart love tallow? forswear it, sightFor I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”He concludes that Juliet is the one for him.
Act 1 Scene 5What is the hot tempered Tyblat’s reaction when he hears Romeo’s voice? He gets very angry and he alerts Lord Capulet about the disturbance of the party.
Act 1 Scene 5What does Lord Capulet says to Tybalt? He says that he does not want to have a disturbance at the part and he has heard that Romeo is a well mannered man.
Act 1 Scene 5Tybalt obeys his uncle, but what does he vow? He is going to get Romeo back (revenge) from him crashing the party.
Act 1 Scene 5Romeo, goes up to Juliet, begins a conversation, and ends up kissing her twice before the Nurse comes and tells Juliet that her mother wants her. Romeo and his friends leave. How do we know that Juliet feels as strongly about Romeo as he does her? “Ay, pilgrim, saint lips, and holy palmers too?”She is entranced with Romeo. they flirt and exchange two kisses.