Romeo and Juliet questions

when and where is the play set? Verona, Italy
According to the opening speech of the Chorus, what will happen to Romeo and Juliet? How will this affect their families? They fall in love but they will commit suicide. Their families will quit fighting
How does the fight begin? Samson bites his thumb at 2 montaque servants
Benvolio smart, mature, calm, peace-maker, he comes up to the fight & tells them to stop fight
Tybalt trouble-maker, “I hate the word peace”
By the time the Prince arrives, who is involved in the fight? everyone in town
With what punishment does the Prince threaten anyone in the Montague or Capulet parties who breaks the peace again? death & torture
What does Benvolio discover is bothering Romeo? What advice does Benvolio give Romeo? Romeo is in love with Rosilan and is upset because she vowed to be a virgin forever; he says to not think about her and look at other girls
What is being personified? As in the bud bit with an envious worm Ere he can spread his sweet leaves to the air Or dedicate his beauty to the sun the flower is what is being personified Romeo is the flower bud that wouldn’t bloom from sadness. So he or the flower can’t open up to be a flower because he is being eaten up by a worm as a flower bud.
Juxtaposition for contrast is an important device in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare places people, words, actions side-by-side in order to heighten the difference between them. Shakespeare also dies this with two important themes explained in the Prologue. What are these two themes, and how does Shakespeare continue to place differences side-by-side in scene 1? 1. two households are alike in dignity vs. mutiny2. two lovers vs. committed sucide –> starcrossed not meant to be
What does Capulet think of the Prince’s directives after the third fight? “I don’t think it will be hard for men as old as we are to keep peace”
Why has Paris come to Capulet? to marry Juliet
What is Capulet’s answer to Paris? What does he tell Paris to do meanwhile, and why? he says no at first because she is too young and also says to make her love him
What do you think Capulet means when he says, “The earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she” Juliet is his only surviving child
How does Romeo find out about Capulet’s feast? servants can’t read so he read the invitations to help him and realizes what it’s about
What does Benvolio say Romeo will realize at the feast? “The woman who you think is as beautiful as a swan is going to look as ugly as a crow to you”
How does the nurse feel about Juliet? How can you tell? the nurse breast-feed Juliet and was really close to her
What historical event does the Nurse use as a landmark to help remember Juliet’s age? a church festival celebrated august 1
what does Juliet say about her thoughts of marriage? What do you think she means? “an honor that I do not dream of”
How old is Lady Capulet? 26
What merits does Paris have, according to Lady Capulet? he’s handsome
Juliet answers her mother by saying, “I’ll look like, if looking liking move.” What does she mean? “I’ll look at him, at least if what I see is likable”
What does Juliet say will determine how vigorously she tries to fall in love with Paris? “But I won’t let myself fall for him any more than you permission allows”
What does Mercutio suggest that Romeo do at the party? he suggests he dances and Romeo answers with a pun
Mercutio doesn’t say directly that Romeo should not pay attention to his dream, but he does say serval things that show why he thinks dreams are not trustworthy. What are these things? dreams are the product of a brain doing nothing
What does Romeo believe as a result of his dream? going to the feast is a bad idea
Give at least two reasons that help explain Romeo’s mixed feelings as he goes to the party? 1. they will get there to early 2. start of something bad, he’s going to die (foreshadowing)
What does Romeo’s final comment, “But He that hath the steerage of my course/Direct my sail” mean? “But whoever’s in charge of where my life going can steer me wherever they want”
How does Capulet first react to the presence of the maskers? he welcomes them
According to Romeo, how does Juliet make the other ladies in the room look? he says she brighter then torches, jewels, white doves
Who recognized Romeo, and how? Tybalt, by his voice
What does Capulet suggest Tybalt do? why? he says to ignore him, don’t worry about it because Romeo has a good reputation in Verona
How does Tybalt respond to Capulet? Tybalts wants Romeo out so he doesn’t like Capulets response
What happened when Romeo and Juliet speak for the first time? he trys to convince her to kiss him and she does
How does Romeo learn who Juliet is? What is his response? for the nurse
How does Juliet disguise her particular interest in Romeo? What is her response? she is asking who a lot of young men are so she isn’t obvious
How does Capulet treat the maskers as they leave? he is still happy and asking them to stay longer
To what does Romeo compare Juliet? How bright does he say Juliet’s eyes are? Romeo says Juliet is the sun; he says her eyes are as bright as the fairest stars in heaven so bright they turn night into day
What does Romeo wish he was? juliet’s glove
What does Juliet say Romeo should do about his name? forget his father’s name and change names
Why is Juliet surprised at Romeo’s presence? because he’s watching her on the capulet property which he could be killed for
What does Romeo say is more dangerous than Juliet’s kinsmen? if Juliet looks at him with one angry look
How does Romeo say he discovered where Juliet was? he said love showed him the way
Why is Juliet so open with Romeo? because he overheard her talking to herself so it by accident
Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear by the moon? the moon is always changing
Why isn’t Juliet happy about the promises of love just made? she says its like lighting its too fast and crazy
Why does Juliet wish she hadn’t yet vowed her love to Romeo? so she can give it to him again
Why is Romeo afraid that his meeting with Juliet is a dream? because it’s dark outside and too sweet to be real
What choice does Juliet set before Romeo? give word to the messenger to tell Juliet when and where to get married but if don’t have the right intentions then stop trying and leave her alone
A metaphor is a comparison that doesn’t use like or as. It may be drawn out and detailed, in which case it is called an extended metaphor. Reread lines 176-183 and write a paragraph that explains the extended metaphor they contain. the metaphor is Romeo is like a bird on a string like a child’s toy
What is the Friar collecting? poisonous weeds and medicinal flowers
a. In our own words, rephrase the following lines:”For naught so vile that on the earth doth live, But to the earth some special good doth give; Nor aught so good but, strained from that fair use, Revolts from true birth, stumbling on abuse”b. what example does he give of this principle?c. Where, besides in plants, does Friar Laurence say this principle applies? a. all things have the potential for good or evil b. a plant can heal you or kill you c. same as man
What three reasons does Friar Laurence think could have caused Romeo to come so early? he has been wake with some anxiety, or he hasn’t been to bed
How does Friar Laurence react when Romeo says he has forgotten Rosaline? Why do you think he reacts in this way? he says that’s good because he’s not sad anymore
What metaphor does Romeo first use to explain to Friar Laurence what has happened to him? he is talking about falling in love with Juliet but contemplating it to war
Where does Friar Laurence say young men’s love resides? What leads him to this conclusion? in their eyes
a. Where does Romeo say Friar Laurence scolds him for?b. How does Friar Laurence correct this statement? a. obsessing over Rosaline b. ?????
What is the difference between Rosaline and Juliet?a. according to Romeo?b. according to Friar Laurence? a. romeo says the girl he loves now returns his love but not the old one b. Rosaline knew Romeo was acting in love without knowing love
What persuades Friar Laurence, despite his condemnation of Romeo’s wavering, to assist Romeo? he thinks it will end the family feud
What are Benvolio and Mercutio doing as the scene opens? they are looking for romeo
To what do they attribute Romeo’s strange behavior? They think he’s been out all nigh looking for Rosaline
What new occurrence in the Montague/Capulet feud do Mercutio and Benvolio know about that Romeo has not yet learned of?
How does Romeo respond to Mercurito’s jokes and gibes? he’s more confident & matching him with wit
What conclusions does Mercutio come to about Romeo from the changes in Romeo’s mood? he comes to the conclusion he is over Rosaline
a. Whose message does the nurse deliver to romeo?b. what does she say? a. ?b. she is saying don’t break Juliet’s heart and don’t be dishonest; tells Romeo about the plan
What scheme has Romeo devised? leave house as if going to confession and go to Frair Laurence’s cell (office)
a. What proverb does the nurse quote?b. What is her point? a. two can conspire to put one away b. two can keep a secret if only one of them doesn’t know
What is Romeo’s servant going to give the Nurse? a rope ladder
What is Juliet impatient for? soliloquy; the night with Romeo
In act two, Romeo compared Juliet to the stars. How does Juliet now use this comparison?*****(question on test) turn him into stars and form a constellation in his image his face will make the heavens so beautiful that the world will fall in love with the night ; like a day that comes during night ; whiter than snow on the black wings of a raven
What misunderstanding occurs between Juliet and the Nurse? Juliet thinks the nurse is saying Romeo’s dead
a. How does the Nurse express her reaction to Tybalt’s death?b. What do you think of her statements? a. she’s hysterical and dramatic b. she is being cruel for letting Juliet think her new husband is dead
What does Juliet conclude about Romeo when she first learns that he killed Tybalt? she’s shocked and then says Romeo is like a flower with a snakes heart
What information about the incident does Juliet not know? all she knows that Romeo killed Tybalt she doesn’t know Tybalt killed Mercutio
What broad conclusions does the Nurse draw from the incident? she says there is no faith, trust, or honesty in men
a. What wish does the Nurse utter?b. How does Juliet react? a. “shame come to Romeo for killing Tybalt”b. Juliet defenses Romeo
How long have Romeo and Juliet been married? 3 hours
What sudden realization does Juliet have about how the situation could have been far worse? Romeo is alive and could have been killed
a. What even does Juliet say would be preferable to Romeo’s exile?b. Why does she wish for such a thing? a. they all die b. she wanted to die together so they didn’t have to be separated
Where are Juliet’s parents? with Tybalt’s body and crying over him
What does the Nurse promise? to bring Romeo to her
Romeo and Friar Laurence feel differently about the Prince’s punishment of Romeo. How does each feel? Romeo says exile is worse than death but Friar Laurence says Romeo’s fine the world is a big place
Why, according to Romeo, is every cat, dog, mouse, and fly luckier than he is? because they can see her and he can’t
Why won’t Romeo listen to Friar Laurence? he says the friar has never been in his situation (not in love or killed someone, etc.)
For what five things does Friar Laurence scold Romeo?**** (test question) 1. your crying like a woman 2. wild actions 3. not being more rational 4. killing Tybalt 5. threating sucide
What three gifts does Friar Laurence accuse Romeo of misusing? ***** (test question) body, love, mind
For what three reasons does Friar Laurence say Romeo should be happy? ***** (test question) Juliet’s alive, that Romeo’s still alive, and that the law threaten his life but instead was exiled
What is Friar Laurence’s plan for Romeo? go be with Juliet and comfort her, escape the city of Mantua until the marriage is public & families have peace, prince will pardon Romeo, then he will come back happier
How does Friar Laurence plan to get messages to Romeo? romeo’s servant
What plans do Juliet’s parents make for her? marry paris on Thursday
What contrasts does this scene contain in the themes presented? fate controls people’s lives and love is overpowering arranged marriage completely goes against those themes
How are the lark and the nightingale used in this scene? she’s convincing him to stay by saying that’s the bird of night (nightingale) not the lark
What four things does Juliet call Romeo as he leaves? love, lord, husband, friend
What foreboding does Juliet have? she has a feeling that they will never meet again
Hoe does Lady Capulet interpret Juliet’s statements about Romeo? ??
What do reader’s realize the statements really are? ??
Why according to Lady Capulet, has Capulet arranged the marriage so suddenly? because she’s so heartbroken over Tybalt he’s trying to maker her happy
What reason does Juliet give for putting off the marriage? she says she will not marry yet
What sentence with a double meaning does Juliet use to describe her intentions? ??
How does Capulet reacts to Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris? crazy, abusive
What choice does capulet give Juliet? marry him or starve in the streets
What does Juliet beg of her mother? delay the marriage for a month
What advice does the Nurse give Juliet? What is her reasoning? marry Paris because Romeo’s not coming back
What sudden change does Juliet apparently undergo?
Why doesn’t she tell the Nurse the truth? she vows never to trust the Nurse again
What does Juliet really intend to do? go to Friar Laurence for help to reconnect with Romeo
what does the Friar say to Paris as the reasons why it’s not a good idea to marry Juliet? the Friar says Juliet hasn’t given her consent to marry him
What does Paris say is the reason for arranging the wedding so hastily? Is this true? Paris says he wanted to make her happy because she’s so sad about Tybalt
Why does the Friar not tell Paris and the Capulets that Juliet is already married? her parents would be angry and it would be very bad
Why does Juliet mention suicide? she would rather die than marry Paris
How long will Juliet remain as though dead? 42 hours
What makes Friar’s plan seem at all possible? yes, because he’s a experiment with plants, mixing potion, and flowers
Explain the change that has been made in the wedding plans for Juliet and Paris. the wedding day has been moved to Thursday to Wednesday
Friar’s plan for Juliet 1. go home2. be happy3. tell everyone she will marry Paris4. sleep alone5. drink potion6. Juliet will have no pulse or breath for 42 hours7. Juliet will wake up8. in the meantime the Friar will send Romeo a letter about the plan 9. he will be there when she wakes up 10. then they go to Mantua
What is one of the most terrifying aspects for Juliet of the Friar’s plan? what if the mixture doesn’t work at all and she has to marry Paris
Identify Juliet’s inner conflict at this point? should she drink the potion
What other fears does Juliet have about the plan if the potion works? 1. what if it’s poison 2. what if she wakes up too early and suffocates in the tomb
How have Juliet’s fears affected her? she’s panicked
How does this scene end? she calls Romeo’s name and drinks the potion
What does the audience know that the Capulets and their household do not know? that Juliet will appear dead when they go to her
What simile does Capulet use to describe Juliet in her deathlike state. ??
What knowledge does Friar Laurence’s entrance line conceal? ??
How is death personified in this scene? ??
How is time personified in this scene? ??
Around line 95, there us a heroic couplet? What is a heroic couplet? Why is it used here? 2 lines of rhymed poetry written in iambic pentameter (sounds like a heart beat) that completes a though
Why will it matter that Romeo hears about Juliet’s death early? he won’t know about the plan wit the Friar
“O mischief, thou art swift/To enter in the thought of desperate men!” What literary tool is Shakespeare using in these lines personification
What is the Apothecary’s financial position? How does Romeo plan to use this information? he is poor; because he’s poor Romeo would be able to bribe him
How does Friar Laurence’s scheme begin to fall apart in scene 2? Friar John & another Friar were quarantined so he couldn’t deliver the letter so he gives it back to Friar Laurence
In scene 3, what has Paris instructed his page to do? hid, watch, listen, whistle
Why has Paris come to Juliet’s grave? he was mourning the loss of Juliet by bring flowers
What does Balthasar tell the audience in his aside in scene 3? that he suspects Romeo’s intentions and that he is there for bad reasons
Why does Paris think Romeo is at the tomb? he thinks Romeo is there to do bad crimes to the dead body
“Death has sucked the honey of thy breath…” Why says this? To whom is he/she speaking? What literary technique is being used in these lines? What is the point of this comparison? Romeo says this to Juliet; personification; death is like a creature that stole life from Juliet
As Juliet awakes, what is the great irony? she awakes up to see Romeo dead
Why does the first watchman order Balthasar and the Friar held? it was a crime scene and they look suspicious because they were found on the scene
“Seal up the mouth of outrage…” What is the Prince trying to do here? he’s trying to bring peace/order and he is trying to make everyone quiet
Who does the Prince blame? everyone including himself
theme -love kills hate but at a enormous cost -peace and love return to the families with the cost of these 2 young lives

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