Exposition 1) Intro of 2 enemy families2) Intro of Romeo3) Intro of Juliet
Exciting Force 1) Romeo decides to go to Capulet’s feast.
Rising Actions 1) R&J meet at the ball2) The Balcony Scene – R meets J in Capulet’s orchard.3) R meets with Friar Lawrence4) R meets with Nurse5) Juliet meets with Nurse6) R&J get married7) Tybalt & Mercutio are dead
Climax 1) Romeo is banished.
Falling Actions 1) J finds out Tybalt is dead.2) Romeo must decide to live or die3) Capulet decides that Paris and Juliet will get married.4) R&J decide to part ways.5) Friar Lawrence makes up a plan6) Juliet goes along with the plan7) Romeo is misinformed about Juliet’s death8) Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo dead next to her
Catastrophe 1) R&J are dead