Romeo and Juliet part 2

the charm of looks romeo and juliet are both bewitched by
time power what will help Romeo and Juliet overcome their problems
hides in the trees in order to avoid his friends, Romeo
1. The brightness of her cheek what a shame those stars2. to twinkle in their spheres till they return3. when he bestrides the lazy puffing clouds find three examples of imagery that refers to light and brightness when Romeo talks about Juliet
name Juliet says that Romeo is not her enemy, only his
kill him if they see Romeo talking to Juliet on the balcony they will
where and what time the wedding will be Juliet will send a messenger to Romeo tomorrow to find out
a tomb friar compares what to earth
womb friar compares the plants to his
grace rude good bad two opposed kings are what and what and mean that humans can be what or what
to marry him and Juliet today Romeo asks friar to
Romeo was so quick to stop loving roseline friar gets mad because
their households hate will turn to pure love even though friar is upset, he agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet in hopes that
challenge Tybalt has sent a letter to Romeo. Mercy too believes that the letter contains a
“hide her face; for her fans a fairer face””Farewell ancient lady” 2 examples of how benvolio and mercutio are rude to the nurse
get Juliet to come to the the shrift that afternoon and for the nurse to come but hide behind the abbey wall what instructions does Romeo give the nurse
“as gentle as a lamb” “his face is better than any other mans”his legs excels all men’s” nurses compliments on romeo
his life, call her his Romeo is willing to risk ___ in order to ____