Romeo and Juliet part 1

What is the main purpose if the prologue to the shakespeare’s play To set the scene for the play as a whole
Who are Samson and Gregory Servants of the Capulet
Which of the following is a best definition of a dialogue A conversation between or among characters
Will be the penalty for the capulets and the montagues if further violence between the families breaks out Death
Which of the following describes Tybalt’s personality Aggressive
What does Lady Capulet compare Paris to A book
Who is Rosaline The lady for whom Romeo is love sick
How is Capulet dramatic foil for Tybalt Capulets tolerance of the Montagues contrasts with Tybalt’s outrage
Why does capulet allow Romeo to remain at the feast Capulet will not allow a well-mannered guest to be insulted at his home
What is Benvolio function in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Shows concern for Romeo and tries to keep peace between the families
A room in Capulets house is example of Stage directions
Which describe Romeo’s reaction when he first sees Juliet at the party He immediately falls in love with her
Which best defines grievance Complaints
With tears augmenting the fresh mornings dew means.. Decreasing