Romeo and Juliet Notes and Handouts

shrift confession
ho come on;hurry up
wanton pale
anon soon; right away
god-den good evening
soft wait
tut come on
When was William Shakespeare born? April 23, 1564
Where was William Shakespeare born? Stratford-on-Avon, England (a market town)
Who was William Shakespeare’s father? John Shakespeare
What did William Shakespeare’s father do? he was a shopkeeper, haigh baliff, and man of good-standing
What was Shakespeares amount of education? he learned Latin in grammar school and recieved no further formal education
How was Shakespeare’s family life? he married Anne Hathaway and had three children (Susannah, Judith, Hamnet)
When did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616
What is the time span of the play? 6 days
What was the Globe Theater also called? “the wooden O” (round and made of wood)
Why were plays performed in the daytime? theater was open to the sky and there was no artificial lighting
What was involved in the plays? (5) no scenery, very few sets, elabotate costumes, detailed state directions and setting descriptions
Who were the groundlings? they paid one penny to stand in front of the stage
Theater was popular entertainment and affordable for which people? all classes
Why were women’s or girl’s parts played by men or adolescent boys? acting was not considered respectable for women by English Puritans
What already known story was Romeo and Juliet based on? Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet (a long narrative Italian poem)
Why are Romeo and Juliet “star-crossed lovers?” fate is against them (people believed in the stars, astrology and destiny)
What was Romeo and Juliet written in? prose (not poetry) and poetry
What two types of poetry were used in Romeo and Juliet? blank verse and rhyming couplets
What is blank verse? unrhymed iambic pentameter
iambic meaning? unstressed, stressed
pentameter meaning? 5 units in a line
When is iambic pentameter used? when 2 characters share a line
What is a rhyming couplet? two consective lines of poetry that rhyme
What is Tybalt derived from? Theobald (means bold)
How is Tybalt characterized? fighter
What is Benvolio’s name derived from? latin words- bene (good) and volo (I wish)
How is Benvolio characterized? peace maker
What character traits are Romeo first associated with? indecision and darkness
What character traits are Paris associated with? decisive, love is a business deal (opposite of Romeo)
What are the three forms of love? unrequited love, real love, coarse/ribald love
What is an example of unrequited love/courtly love? Romeo and Rosaline
What is an example of real love? Romeo and Juliet-culminates in marriage
What is an example of coarse/ribald love? Mercutio and the Nurse
How is the Nurse characterized? earthy, bawdy, frank (opposite to Lady Capulet)
Where is Mercutio’s name derived from? Mercury (Roman god of skill of hands, quickness of wit, and eloquence)
What does Mercutio represent? the Renaissance (a time of rebirth, knowledge, life, growth)
How is Mercutio characterized? quick-witted, eager, determined (opposite Romeo)
What events show Romeo’s character traits? depressed by unrequited love, refuses to dance or enter into the spirit of the ball
What does Romeo represent? the Dark Ages (plague)
How do you do in-text citations for a verse play? use arabic numerals; list the act, scene, and line numbers with a period between
How does the Queen Mad Speech change from the beginning to the end? light-dark; dream-nightmare (makes fun of people’s own follies then goes to a real evil presence that can harm innocent people)
Who gives the Queen Mab Speech? Mercutio
What does the Queen Mab speech show about Mercutio? his brilliance and powers of imagination
What does the Queen Mab Speech show about society? men are ruled by the whims of fairies and other supernatural forces
How does the Queen mab Speech fit into the Freudian lens? dreams are wish fulfillments and fantasies of the repressed
What members of the Capulet family die? Tybalt and Juliet
What members of the Montague family die? Romeo and Lady Montague
What members of the royal family die? Mercutio and Paris
What is the main character foil of the Friar? healing; the messenger
What is the main character foil of the Apothecary? killing
What does the Nurse provide for the play? comic relief

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