Romeo and Juliet Notes

Who wrote the book? William Shakespeare
What year was the book published? 1597
What was the primary source for Romeo and Juliet? The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet By Arthur Brooke
What is the difference between the two books? Brooke’s story happens over 90 days while Shakespeare’s happens in less than a week. Brooke’s Juliet is 16 while Shakespeare’s Juliet is 13.
What type of language is used in the book? Cursing, banishment, vowing oaths, relying on action verbs
Who are the major characters in Romeo and Juliet? Romeo Montague, Lord Montague, Lady Montague, Juliet Capulet, Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, Paris, Nurse, and Friar Lawrence
The speech spoken by the chorus in the Prologue is? A sonnet
Do the Capulet and Montague families get along? No
What does the nurse foreshadow about Juliet’s future? Juliet will have a rise and fall fortune. She will rise to the balcony and fall to her grave.
What is the importance of Light and Dark in Act I? The fighting happens during the day while Romeo and Juliet’s love happens at night.
What does the nurse foreshadow about Juliet’s wedding? The nurse doesn’t think she will be alive to see Juliet marry. Irony is that the nurse is present when Juliet marries Romeo.
What is the importance of Romeo’s sonnet about Pilgrims and Saints? Juliet is the Saint to be kissed. Romeo is the Pilgrim trying to reach the Saint.
What does Juliet foreshadow in her speech? Her marriage and death.
How is Juliet transformed throughout the play? At first she is a young, innocent 13 year old. She becomes a mature, sexy 13 year old.
How is Romeo transformed throughout the play? At first he is a loner who is sad and depressed. He becomes a quite sociable person who is outgoing.
What is the importance of Light and Dark in Act II? Benvolio describes Romeo’s passion and love at night. Romeo uses light to focus Juliet’s beauty.
What is Juliet compared to? Juliet is the sun who gives love, care, and affection to Romeo.
What is Rosaline compared to? Rosaline is the moon who keeps all her love, beauty, and affection to herself.
What does the balcony scene symbolize in Act II? It represents the lovers meeting place. Reference to Romeo taking Juliet’s virginity. Private and safe place to meet.
How does Juliet show her independence? She disobey’s her parents by going to Friar Lawrence’s cell to get married to Romeo.
Compare and Contrast gold and silver? Gold signifies greed, wealth, and desire (Rosaline). Silver signifies beauty and love (Juliet).
What is the importance of Juliet’s soliloquy? She is calling the darkness and love to combat the day’s chaos.
When does the play become a tragedy? When the nurse tells Juliet that Romeo has killed Tybalt.
What is a typical Shakespearean woman? Torn between a passionate lover and a demanding father
When does Juliet’s future start to fall fall? After Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished.
What does Lady Capulet’s speech foreshadow? It foreshadows Juliet’s demise.
Friar Lawrence is what kind of character? He is a character of misgiving.
How does Juliet look for forgiveness in Act IV? She pretends to ask for forgiveness and claims that the Friar taught her right from wrong.
What does Lord Capulet’s change in music symbolize? The music changes from the Joy of the wedding to the Pain of Juliet’s funeral.
What does Romeo’s dream represent? It expresses Romeo’s fate and that Juliet will find him dead.
What does the apothecary symbolize? Death. Romeo is buying his death.
What does Silver and Gold represent in Act V? Lord Capulet and Lord Montague’s speeches. Families still compete to see who can build the better statue of their fallen children.
What is Friar Lawrence seen as at the end of the play? He is a god-like character who thought he could solve everything. Condemned to suffer.

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