Romeo and Juliet – Ms. Wagg’s Class

Who wants to marry Juliet? Paris
What colors to the Capulet’s wear? The Montague’s? Capulet – goldMontague – dark
What’s the relationship between Juliet and the nurse opposed from Juliet and her mother? Juliet and the nurse are closer and seem to be more comfortable around one another
What so we learn about Mercutio? He is Romeo’s best friend, he overflows with imagination, wit, but he can be hotheaded and he tries to convince Romeo to view love as a simple matter of sexual appetite
What is Romeo’s first impression of Juliet? He instantly falls in love with her because she was so beautiful.
Are Romeo and Juliet bad children who are merely seeking fun and rebellion? No because they loved each other before they even knew who they were.
What celestial things does Romeo compare Juliet in the opening soliloquy in the balcony scene? He compares her to an angel
What does Juliet mean by the “what’s in a name” speech? She means that just because his name is Montague, she shouldn’t be enemies with him.
What practical arrangement to the two lovers make before they part? She tells Romeo that she will send a messenger to talk to see if they can be married
How is “parting such sweet sorrow”? Because their sorrowful parting is also “sweet” because it makes them think about the next time they will see each other
What is significant about Friar Laurence’s soliloquy in Act 2? he says that everything grows from the soil; then when everything dies, it goes back to the soil. Then the fresh things grow from the soil again. Life goes on and on and every death is a new beginning.
What practical arrangements do the nurse and Romeo make at the end of Act 2? they arrange to have a marriage ceremony that day
What advice does Friar give to Romeo and Juliet about their haste and all-consuming love? He tells them to be wise and slow.
What is the outcome between the sword fight between Mercutio and Tybalt? Mercutio is accidently stabbed and dies
As Mercutio is dying, what does he say to Romeo? he curses the two families by saying “a plague on both your houses” because he isn’t even a Montague but because of the feud, he’s dying.
What does the Prince rule as Romeo’s punishment? He is sentenced to be killed but instead flees Verona.
What plan does Friar help Romeo create? He tells him to leave town for a while until things settle down in Verona.
Why is Lord Capulet so eager to have his daughter married to Paris so quickly? they suggested that it would bring some joy into sad time
What does Lord Capulet threaten to do if Juliet will not marry Paris? he threatens to disown her
Once Juliet tells her father that she is willing to marry Paris, how did he react? He was very pleased and decided to move the wedding to up to Wednesday (the next day)
Juliet realizes she cannot get help from her mother, so she turns to the nurse for advice. What was the nurses advice? She told Juliet to go through with the marriage to Paris and said that Romeo is as good as dead.
Name three things that Juliet is afraid of before she drinks the potion. She’s afraid the potion might kill her, that Romeo will be late returning and she’ll either wake up in the tomb and go mad with freight or the dead Capulets’ ghost will haunt her
What plan does Romeo make in order to be with his beloved Juliet? He plans to “lie with thee tonight” by killing himself
Why doesn’t Friar’s letter get to Romeo in time? Because Balthasar saw Juliet’s funeral and immediately left to tell Romeo before the letter could reach him.
Who ultimately takes the blame for all of the tragedy? Friar Laurence
What promises do Capulet and Montague make? They promise to put their hate aside.
Who wrote this story/play? William Shakespeare
Where was Shakespeare born? Stafford, England
What kind of plays did he write? Historic plays and comedies
What kind of character is Romeo? he’s respectful, emotional, a good guy, but he’s impulsive; he acts on emotional feelings rather than thinking about it.
What’s a tragic hero? a lead character with a flaw that causes their fate at the end (it’s typically death)
What type of character is the nurse? she’s Juliet’s “mother figure” and she’s comedic
When and where does this story take place? Verona, Italy in the 1500’s

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