Romeo and Juliet. Literary Terms/Characters

alternating humor and pathos, song and dialogue, tense and tranquil scenes contrast
lines having one meaning for the audience and another for the character to whom they are spoken irony
character speaking to the world in general with no other characters in the scene soliloquy
character speaking confidentially to the audience as if other characters cannot hear what is said aside
props to change the appearance of the character to fool other characters in the play disguise
an incident introduced just before the climax to mislead the audience pause
letting the villian be punished and the hero reap reward poetic justice
cast of characters in a drama, or more generally, participants in an event dramatis personae
Nurse Juliet’s servant and mentor
Act Play division
plague A ___ o’both your houses
undone We are ___, lady, we are ___
orchard Romeo climbs over the wall surrounding Capulet’s ___
Rosaline She refused Romeo’s love and cause his depression
crutch A ___, a ___! Why call you for your sword!
Montague Romeo’s father
Verona Paris is a nobleman from this place
Shakespeare Author; playwright
death ___ is my son-in-law, ___ is my heir.
Prince Sends Romeo into exile
tomb Me thinks I see thee… as one dead in the bottom of a ___
Mercutio He is slain by Tybalt
Benvolio He explains the circumstances of Tybalt’s death
Paris Capulet’s favored suitor for Juliet
Samson Servant of the Capulets
Capulet He gives a feast to introduce Juliet to bachelors
rose That which we call a ___ By any other name would smell as sweet
window What light through yonder ___ breaks
fate Predestined future
Scene Act division
poison Romeo drinks it and dies
Tybalt Romeo kills him to avenge his friend’s death